Why Does My Thermostat Change By Itself? Here’s What To Do

Why Does My Thermostat Change By Itself

At times thermostats misbehave, which might leave you wondering why does my thermostat change by itself. It’s clear you recently did check your thermostat and realized it isn’t where you set it. 

For example, you might have set the thermostat to cool on a hot summer day, but its heater kicks in or vice versa. 

It can be so frustrating if you don’t know the issue behind it. The article addresses the issues leading to this malfunction and the best possible solutions. So, 

Why Does My Thermostat Change By Itself? 

There are various reasons why your thermostat changes its temperature. But the most probable reason is that it’s on program mode. 

You can fix this by manually raising or lowering the temperature to your preferred point the press the “keep” button. 

What Are The Different Types Of Thermostats? 

The first step toward solving your thermostat problem is by identifying the type of thermostat you have. The two most popular thermostat categories are programmable and non-programmable. 

In simpler words, non-programmable thermostats are manual thermostats. Therefore you’ll have to manually control its basic function, such as turning the cooling and heating system on and off. You’ll also have to manually operate the system’s fan and set the temperature. 

The programmable thermostats offer a wide range of power. You can also set specific schedules; others do feature the Wi-Fi-enabled control. Understanding these two thermostats will help you solve your device issues. 

What Are Some Of The Issues Behind Thermostats Resetting? 

After identifying the type of thermostat in your home, you can easily identify the cause of the problem and possible solutions. Here are some of the common causes of this issue. 

1. Batteries 

Not all programmable thermostats have batteries, but if your system runs on them, it is advisable to check. You might start experiencing issues with your thermostat if the battery is low. 

You can easily solve this issue by simply changing your device’s battery. Thankfully most modern thermostats do offer low battery alerts. 

2. You Haven’t Updated Programmed Temperatures. 

Most thermostats come with a default program setting that you should adjust. Your thermostat will disturb you if you fail to change its settings. 

You should always confirm and check if the changes occur simultaneously. If it’s so, this is a clear indication that your thermostat settings aren’t updated. 

3. You’re On The Energy Saving Program

If you choose the energy-saving mode, your energy company can adjust your thermostat. It reduces the thermostat’s high energy demand on your grid. 

For this, you’ll have to reach out to the energy company for help. Inform your energy company about your desire to opt out of the energy-saving program.

4. Faulty or Outdated Thermostat

Over time the thermostat wires wear out, and the system becomes outdated. All these make the thermostat less accurate and efficient. You’ll have to do a service check or purchase and install a new device.


Now that you have the answers to the common question, why does my thermostat change by itself? It’ll be easier to fix it. It’s, however, advisable that you seek expert help to protect your home and warranty. 

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