How Tall Is A Washing Machine? Choose The Right Machine

How Tall Is A Washing Machine

Experts recommend that you know how tall is a washing machine before buying it. Very often, the washing machine size is a crucial factor to consider. 

It’s more important if you’re installing the machine in a small apartment such as a one-bedroom or two-bedroom. 

Generally, buying the right washing machine can be tricky. So, other than its size, there are other factors you should consider like price, type, etc. This article has comprehensive information about washing machines and starts by answering,

How Tall Is a Washing Machine?

The standard size of a washer is 39 inches tall, 27 inches wide, and 32-34 inches deep for machines with front load units. The height, width, and depth are the most important dimensions to consider when choosing a washer. But, firstly you should know the amount of space you have.

What Washing Machine Size Do You Need?

The size of your household determines the type of washing machine to pick. Amazingly there are different sizes of washing machines at different prices. 

  • You should buy a larger washing machine if you have a big family.
  • For medium families, there are several medium machines.
  • A 6-7 kg washer is best for a family of 4.

In addition, if you have children, it’s recommended that you buy a washing machine with a child lock feature. It ensures the safety of your children.

What Are The Types Of Washing Machines?

Are you looking for a new washing machine? There are different types of washing machines you should know. Here are the most common types of washing machines. Read on to find out more about them.

1. Fully-Automatic 

Operating this washer doesn’t always need the touch of a button. It has a single tub that performs all the functions of washing, rinsing, and drying clothes. 

The machines can be either top load or front load. Note that each machine brand and model has its unique efficiencies and programs. 

2. Semi-Automatic

As the name suggests, these types of washers are only partially automated. However, you’ll manually have to do some activities, such as filling the tab with water. 

If your machine is a twin-tub semi-automatic, you’ll have to move washed clothes to the dryer manually. Most twin-tub dryers are usually top loading. 

3. Front Load

These washing machines are usually fully-automatic. You load them with clothes from the front side. 

They are popular because of their water and electricity consumption efficiency. Their laundry results are the best compared to the top load washer counterpart.

4. Top Load

Both fully-automatic and semi-automatic machines can feature a top load. You’ll have to load these machines from the top.

It’s ideal for individuals who don’t want to bend the washing machine to load clothes. In addition, these machines require less space, making them best for people with narrow laundry spaces. 


You now know how tall is a washing machine. It’s best to always check your laundry space before purchasing a suitable washer. Don’t fall for the sales pitch and rush to make a purchase decision. 

The best washers should not only fulfill your daily needs but also accommodate well in your house. You’ll be able to get the most out of them.


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