How Much Watts Does A House Use?- Power Consumption

How Much Watts Does A House Use

How much watts does a house use? Understanding your house’s power requirements and consumption is important. When you understand how consumption works, it helps you save on your electricity bills.

Nearly all buildings incur power consumption. Some units consume more power than others. Factories and plants have huge power requirements. 

Institutions like schools, libraries, and business complexes also consume electricity on a huge scale.

Electricity accounts for a large proportion of many people’s utilities. The power consumption is greater in cities and developed areas. The article shows you how and how to minimize consumption. But first,

How Much Watts Does a House Use?

A typical American residential home uses approximately 29.36kWh of electricity daily. It translates to 10700 kWh every year—the consumption peaks during winter and summer. 

The kitchen uses the most electricity out of all rooms in your house. Your central heating system contributes greatly to the overall consumption. The house size also dictates consumption, with larger houses using more power.

What Appliances Consume The Most Power?

Certain appliances account for a huge percentage of your electricity bill. These electronics are vital, but you pay to run them.

Central Heating System

The central heating system and air conditioning unit consumes a lot of power. An air conditioning unit consumes between 2000 to 4000 watts. A window AC unit is a bit more efficient as it consumes 1500 watts.


Did you know that a dryer consumes as much as 8 times the power required to run a washing machine? These units require a lot of energy to start and run. A dryer consumes an average of 2000 watts.


Microwaves are convenient but the least efficient way of warming food. Running your microwave consumes nearly 1700 watts. You are better off using other alternatives.

Dish Washer

A dishwasher uses approximately 1500 watts of electricity. It is way more expensive to run your dishwasher than to wash utensils over your sink.

How To Minimize Consumption

Here are some easy techniques:

Shorter Showers

Taking long and hot showers is not only bad for your water bill but also increases your electric bill—time your showers to reduce your consumption.

Sun Dry your clothes

Sun drying your clothes could knock a few hundred dollars off your annual electric bill. You don’t need to use your dryer in the summer.

Don’t let the AC out.

Ensure you fix all the cracks and leak points to contain cold or warm air within your house. Leaking AC makes your unit use more power to restore the temperature.

Use energy-efficient bulbs

Use LED bulbs as they are way more efficient than halogen bulbs. Avoid high wattage bulbs as the cost of running them is quite high.


How much watts does a house use? A standard house uses approximately 29.36kWh of electricity daily. 

In cities, houses have higher power consumption than houses in other areas. Your consumption increases depending on many factors such as the seasons, number of electronics, habits, etc. 


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