About Me

Anything that concerns home improvement and gardening invariably mean that you have to give up on two things; your money and time!

And depending on your home improvement project or size of your garden, you could spend even more.

Well, the reason I am saying this is because I have been struck hard in the wallet. I own two homes (Well, I count myself lucky), and cherish both the same way.

One is a tiny beach house (that’s what I like to call it), and the other is in the heart of California.

Well, let me say I like making myself comfortable that’s why I embarked on a home improvement project that left a hole in a wallet, a whopping $70,000 gone, just like that.

It was crazy, but I can say I learned a lot when the project was being executed, and that opened my eyes (guess it was closed before; hence the reason I threw away so much money).

The only beautiful thing I could pick out from the project was that my home was transformed completely. But after the project, I realized I didn’t have to spend that much. I saw that there were things I could have done myself and save more money.

Anyway, I forgave myself for that mistake a long time ago. It happened because I lacked the right information.

It hurt to see such an amount go out of my account. But the good thing is that this blog was born as a result of what transpired.

I saw how vital information was and how much it can help us achieve the impossible.

How was I able to know this? My tiny little beach house got the remodeling a homeowner could ever wish for, and it was by my hands.

Fortunately, I didn’t spend up to a fraction of what I spent before. But I can boldly say it became my favorite home, and one I don’t plan to give up anytime soon (not for any amount of money).

After that, I became a DIY addict and made a habit of suggesting crazy home improvement and gardening ideas to the people who cared to listen.

However, being a DIY addict isn’t enough. You need the right information to help inspire and bring out the creative side of you.

Anyway, forgive my manners; I am David Huner. My primary aim of creating this blog is to share ideas and the latest tips on home improvement, interior décor, gardening, home security, must-have DIY tools, and many more.

This blog is for everyone, both DIYers and non-DIYers. Find out crazy ideas that will transform your home without you breaking the bank. Isn’t that what you seek?

And hey, I will also be providing in-depth reviews on the best tools, machines, and stuff you need for your home and gardens, so watch out for that in this space.

Finally, dear friend, I am glad you are here! And oh, please feel free to hit me up anytime or share your ideas with me.


David Huner

Founder of Moma Home Delivery