Can You Recharge Batteries In A Freezer? The Misconception

Can You Recharge Batteries In A Freezer

A popular myth about batteries and freezers leaves people wondering if you can recharge batteries in a freezer. So, is there any truth about this battery folklore? Find out more by reading the article. 

In this modern world, batteries are essential to our daily lives. They are a power source for remote controls, electric toothbrushes, etc. There are rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, and both lose power over time. 

But, there has been a debate on whether a freezer can recharge batteries. A good percentage of people believe it’s possible, while others dispute the possibility. The article offers clarity by answering, 

Can you Recharge Batteries in a Freezer?

The battery’s self-discharge rate is usually higher when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore storing them in a freezer helps them to retain charge longer. So, it’s clear the freezers don’t replenish batteries; instead, it helps them retain a charge. 

Is It Good To Store Batteries In A Freezer?

As mentioned, people place batteries in the freezer to preserve charge. It means that if you put the battery in the freezer at 75% charge, it’ll be 75% when you get it out. However, note that some batteries shouldn’t be exposed to extreme temperatures like freezing. 

Constant exposure of batteries to cold temperatures damages their cells. The freezer conditions will lower your batteries below their due point. 

When you take the batteries out of the freezer, condensation happens. This causes corrosion that messes up the batteries. 

How Does Temperature Affect Battery Life? 

Generally, cold temperatures slow down chemical reactions in batteries. However, batteries function well at room temperature settings. 

That’s somewhere between 60-78 degrees. So, keep in mind that cold temperatures can affect battery charging speed. Plus, it makes them drain slowly. 

On the contrary, hot temperatures make batteries lose charge faster. The general thumb rule states that the hotter the environment, the faster your battery drains. 

The battery can drain up to 4% faster in extremely hot temperatures. Always follow the manufacturer’s charging and storage recommendations. 

How To Safely Store Your Battery In A Freezer? 

Besides storing/ keeping food safe, you can use your freezer to keep your battery charge intact. But, it would be best if you stored the battery well so as not to spoil it. Here are the steps to properly store your battery. 

  1. Safely remove the battery from your phone, remote, or whatever device. 
  2. Seal the battery with plastic and then place it in a plastic container. Don’t use foils or paper bags since they easily sip water.
  3. Lastly, place your battery in the freezer. 


You now have the answer to the popular question can you recharge batteries in a freezer. The concept of keeping batteries in the freezer is as old as the batteries. 

In the past, batteries held their charge longer in cold conditions. Today, the change in battery chemistry is massive. Therefore storing batteries in the freezer does more harm than good. 


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