Which Way To Unscrew A Screw- Unscrewing Methods

Which Way To Unscrew A Screw

Which way to unscrew a screw and loosen it? Standard screws have very similar directional properties for loosening and tightening.

Screws come in all shapes and sizes. Every screw has different requirements. There are also many proprietary screws made for some products.

Some brands like iFixit provide users with the utility to unscrew almost all screw sizes. These utility screws are great as they allow users the freedom to open most screws.

Unconventional designs are harder to predict. There are certain norms we associate with screws. The article is centered around ordinary screws. Let’s find out:

Which Way to Unscrew a Screw

For conventional screws, you twist your screwdriver to the left to unscrew them. The anticlockwise rotation is the common way to looses screws for most appliances. 

You would rarely get screws that lock in the anticlockwise direction. The directional properties apply to bolts and nuts for nearly all devices. It is the unofficial industry standard.

How To Unscrew A Rusted Screw

Dealing with a rusted screw is often frustrating. These screws don’t allow you to grip them at the head groves. Luckily, there are proven techniques to help you remove these screws.

Use a heat source

A heat source is very effective in loosening corroded screws. All you need is a blowtorch and a degreasing agent.

Blast the screw with the heat source for about 30 seconds. Pour cold water on the screw. Repeat this step at least three more times.

The screw contacts become loose, allowing you to unscrew it with your regular screwdriver.

Use a rotary cutting tool.

Cutting is a viable option if you don’t want to damage electronics. It requires patience. It would be best if you got safety gloves, a cutter, and your screwdriver.

Etch a new cutting line onto your screw head. The line should be thick enough to accommodate the screw driver’s head.

Use the screwdriver on the new etched line to draw the screw out. This method only works if the cut is deep enough. A shallow cut is useless against the method.

How Can You Remove A Stripped Screw?

Detaching a stripped screw is not easy. You need a drill bit and a thin rubber strip.

Place the thin rubber strip on the screw head. Push the drill down on the rubber head. Ensure that you align the drill bit with the stripped screw.

Drill in the anticlockwise direction to extract the screw. If you can’t find a rubber strip, a tiny ball of steel wool could do the trick.

Etching new lines on the screw head also help.


Which way to unscrew a screw? For almost all appliances, the screws unscrew when you twist the screwdrivers to the left. It is the unwritten rule that many manufacturers and designers follow. Other non-standard screws unlock in the clockwise direction; however, these screws are rare.


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