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How Long Is A Normal Wash Cycle

Are you wondering how long is a normal wash cycle? It is a valid concern. On average, an American family does approximately 300 loads of laundry yearly. It’s surely a lot of time to spend on laundry. Time is a valuable asset. 

It would be best to consider the wash cycle when buying a new washing machine. The wash cycle consists of the speed at which the machine tumbles and agitates the clothes. 

It’s also about the speed at which the machine removes water out of the clothes. The washers usually have quick and normal wash cycles. But, this article focuses on, 

How Long Is a Normal Wash Cycle?

The washing machine cycle can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. On average, a normal wash cycle will take about one hour. 

Note that bulkier or larger loads like thick blankets and towels take more time. On the other hand, smaller loads take less time. 

Therefore your wash cycle will depend on how large your load is and your machine settings. Modern machines have timers at the top, which show how long washing will take.

What Is Quick Wash?

As mentioned, there is a quick wash cycle, and people mostly use it when they need something quickly. But is the quick wash cycle worth it? Not. It sounds harsh, but it’s surely an unpopular opinion. 

Visit different forums and learn how much people complain about the quick wash cycle. So why do people feel that quick wash is a little letdown? 

The cycle does sacrifice quality and performance for speed. That’s why it’s referred to as a quick wash. 

If coke spills on your white shirt and you quick wash, it’s highly unlikely to come out in one cycle. Other stains that quick wash can’t remove in one cycle include mud, grass, chocolate, etc. 

What Are The Stages Of A Wash Cycle? 

The wash cycle has several stages that include:

1. Prewash

In this cycle, the machine locks its lid. The tub then automatically senses the load’s volume and weight and fills it with water. 

The tub washer gently agitates the clothes to distribute detergent evenly. The presoak option also takes place in this stage. 

2. Wash

The machine agitates the clothes for some time and then rests. To allow the detergent to do its work. Heavy duty wash cycles do have longer agitation and soaking periods. 

3. Rinse

The washer drains the soapy water and sprays clean water on your load. It then spins it to drain the water and adds more clean water to rinse away the detergents and soils. In the case of gentle wash cycles like “Delicates,” the machine won’t spin fast. 

The machine will perform more rinses if it’s the cycle for heavier soils. This ensures the soil and stains are completely off the clothes. 

There are instances when the washer has to rebalance an unbalanced load. Therefore, it pauses and does this by extending the cycle time. 

4. Final Spin

It’s the final rinse, and the machines usually pick up speed. The additional speed helps to wring out clothes before they go into the dryer. 

In the final spin, the washer has the highest speed. However, unbalanced loads can cause issues and slow this stage. But there are ways in which you can save time doing laundry.


The question of how long is a normal wash cycle popular in various forums. Each washing machine model has its unique wash cycle. But averagely, a wash cycle is usually between 15 minutes and two hours. 


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