Tips On How To Empty Dyson Vacuum

Tips On How To Empty Dyson Vacuum

Another name for a vacuum cleaner is electric broom. A vacuum uses pressure (or suction) to collect dirt on surfaces such as floors, couches, curtains, and fabrics into a bin collector. A vacuum cleaner operates with DC electricity.

Poor home hygiene has its consequences. Nevertheless, with the aid of a vacuum cleaner that collects dirt, you can be sure of a clean and healthy environment.

Dyson vacuum is a brand designed for a wide range of floors and surfaces. It has a very high suction which can give you a thorough clean when used. Let’s know more about the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

In this post, we discussed how to empty your Dyson Vacuum with ease. Read on!

How To Empty Your Dyson Vacuum

Before you proceed to empty the dirt, disconnect the Dyson vacuum from the DC source. To dislodge the trash, you pull up the red lever until it automatically opens up the base of the lid collector.

At this point, the dirt is released and emptied into the trash can. Then tap the dirt collector firmly to remove all pending dust particles before pushing the cyclone. Push it until it clicks, then you can now close the lid at the base of the dirt collector. 

What Makes Dyson Vacuum The Best Buy?

1. Innovative design:

Dyson vacuum cleaners are among the best with elegant designs. They first developed a vacuum with cyclones to separate dirt, dust particles and maximize suction. 

2. Fits all cleaning needs:

There’s a Dyson vacuum for every cleaning requirement. Dyson vacuums have five cordless designs, four upright corded, and two Dyson vacuums for hard floors to meet your cleaning needs

3. Suction power:

Dyson vacuums use air watts. Each model has its power rating based on its propelling speed.

4. Bin capacity:

Most Dyson vacuums boast a bin capacity ranging from 0.14 to 0.5 gallons. This capacity is suitable enough for any home size.

The latter part of this article will be a review of Dyson vacuum models.

The Cordless Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Model

The cordless Dyson vacuum is handheld, lightweight, and easy to use for extensive cleaning on any surface. In addition, it has an advanced filtration system that can absorb minute dust particles of 0.3.microns.

The cleaner head also has a carbon fiber filament component for trapping dust particles. The brush straws are made of nylon and firm for deep penetrations on all types of floors.

The brush bar is integrated with the DC motor. The motor is powerful enough to drive the bristles deep into surfaces and eject dirt or dust particles.

The Dyson cordless stick vacuum comes in five different formats. Its unique features are discussed below.

1. Dyson Outsize vacuum

This is one of the two latest technologies for Dyson vacuum cordless stick designs. The Dyson Outsize also has an exclusive technology known as the Dyson Outsize Absolute+. It comes with two cleaner heads, unlike Outsize with one.

The features of Dyson Outsize are

  • Battery longevity: The battery rechargeable technology helps extend run life by only utilizing power when needed. It has a time duration of up to 120 minutes.
  •  Cleaner head: It has a powerful motor that can spin the brush bar up to 60 times in a second (125,000 rpm)
  • Bin size:  It has a bin size of 0.5 gallons. If you compare it with v15 detect and other models, it is bigger by 150%
  • Power mode: The cleaning power modes are eco, auto, and boost. They provide a blend of performance and run time for any task.
  • LCD: Dyson Outsize vacuum displays the runtime and performance level

2. Dyson v15 Detect Vacuum

It has a laser component installed located in the cleaner head. The laser component reveals minute dust particles on the hard floor. It also has a piezo sensor that increases the suction power when it detects particles. 

V15 detect vacuum cleaner has a similar design with Dyson outsize vacuum in terms of advanced filtration and design components to operate on hard floors. Other includes

  • Battery longevity: It has a seven-cell battery that has a runtime of up to 60 mins.
  • Laser technology: It can identify particles that aren’t visible to the naked eye.
  • Piezo Sensor: V15 vacuum technology can count trapped dust particles 15,000 times per second.
  • Cleaner head: It can suck up dust and on any floor. It has a detangling comb with 56 polycarbonate teeth that avoid tangling around the bristles.
  • Bin size:  It has a bin size of 0.2 gallons. 
  • LCD: It displays the evidence of deep cleaning.

3. Dyson v11 Animal

Dyson v11 animal vacuum cleaner utilizes suction power and run time maximally for all kinds of home floors. It has a run time of 60 minutes and a bin capacity of 0.2 gallons. Its unique features are

  • Designed for pets: Just as the name implies, it can trap pet hair strands and allergies.
  • Power mode:  it has three power modes, namely, eco, auto, and boost.
  • It has a recharge and storage dock: This model has a charger and a storage dock attached to the wall.
  • Cleaner head: Dyson technology measures brush bar resistance 360 times per second. It can alter the balance of various floor types for the ideal mix of power and runtime when needed to optimize suction.
  • LCD: It displays the battery life and the power mode. 

4. Dyson Cyclone v10

The design of the Dyson Cyclone V10 comes with a long-lasting battery and powerful pick-up capability. It has a run time of 60 minutes and three power modes (suction mode 1, suction mode 2, and boost mode.) for any surface.

The Dyson Cyclone v10 has two models. They are the Cyclone v10 absolute and the Cyclone v10 Animal. The Cyclone v10 Absolute comes with all of the Animal’s tools, plus the gentle and soft cleaner head.

Also, the cyclone v10 animal is designed for pet and home use, while the cyclone absolute is for all surfaces.

The unique features of Dyson cyclone v10 are:

  • Bin size:  It has a bin size of 0.2 gallons. If you compare it with the v8 vacuum, it is 40% bigger.
  • Unique dirt disposal mechanism:  It has a point-and-shoot installation that hygienically discharges all the dust and dirt into the dustbin. 
  • It has a one-click detachable handle: The cyclone vacuum cleaner transforms from a stick to a handle with only one click.
  • It has a recharge and storage dock: Like the v11 Animal stick, it has a box mounted on the wall as a charger storage device.

5. Dyson v8 vacuum

The Dyson v8 vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction that can do a thorough cleaning on any surface. It has a runtime of 40 minutes and two power modes. In addition, it has a capacity of 0.14 gallons.

Like the cyclone v10, it has a detachable stick that can change to a handheld with a single click. It is powered by a Dyson digital motor V8 that revolves at a speed of 17000 rpm.

Dyson v8 vacuum has two models: Dyson v8 Absolute (yellow stick) and Dyson v8 Animal (titanium stick). The absolute v8 comes with two cleaner heads, while Dyson v8 Animal has one. The extra head is for hard floors.

Upright Dyson Vacuum Model

The technology comes with a ball installed with it to increase mobility. In addition, it has a powerful suction that sucks dirt and dust particles from carpets and hard floors. Moreso, it has a five-year warranty. 

The upright vacuum has four different models. Their distinction is in the technology, bin capacity, and weight of the vacuum machine. 

  • Dyson ball animal2 is designed for home and pet use to pick up the dirt of very minute sizes and allergies. It has an auto cleaner head seal in suction. Its hose is 15 feet long.

Dyson upright animal 2 has a bin capacity of 0.55 gallons and weighs 17,4lb. Its filter is washable at any time.

  •  Dyson cinetic big ball animal with allergy is the only vacuum cleaner that does not need to clean or change filters. It only has a high-powered suction and firm bristle for pick-ups. Dyson cinetic big ball animal plus allergy has a bigger bin capacity of 0.57 gallons and weighs 19,2lb. Also, its filter is not washable.
  • Dyson ball multi floor2 and Dyson ball multi floor are lightweight and designed to handle surfaces that are more extensive. It has a powerful powered brush bar with redesigned bristles that pulls dirt out of carpets.

Dyson ball multi floor 2 has a bin capacity of 0.42 gallons and weighs 15.6lb. In contrast, Dyson ball multi floor has a bin capacity of 0.52 gallons and weighs 17.4lb.

Dyson Vacuums For Hard Floor Model

Dyson hardwood floor vacuums are designed for everyday use and particularly for hard floors. It has two models: Dyson Omni glide and Dyson micro. The difference is that Dyson Omni glides move in all directions. 

Both models have a bin capacity of 0.05 gallons and a run time of 20 minutes. They also have two power modes.


Vacuum cleaners use suction to collect dirt and dust particles—vacuum cleaners aid in keeping your house clean and neat which benefits your mental health.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are designed to meet all of your cleaning needs. Dyson vacuum cleaners are available in three models: cordless vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners, and hardwood floor vacuum cleaners.


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