Can Instant Pot Lid Go In A Dishwasher? What You Need To Know

Can Instant Pot Lid Go In A Dishwasher

The instant pot is arguably the king of all kitchen appliances. It is the go-to appliance for making different meals within a fraction of what it would originally take if you were using regular cooking means. 

Its versatility and speed makes it stand out. But as versatile as the instant pot is, there is one thing we are certain it can’t do, and that is- clean itself. The instant pot can’t clean itself. So, understanding how to properly clean it would be a big plus for the cookware’s lifespan and your pocket. 

Most people may want to throw their dirty instant pot lid into the dishwasher to save time and energy. But before you take such an action, consider the question below. 

Can Instant Pot Lid Go In A Dishwasher? 

Yes! You can put your instant pot lid in a dishwasher because it is heat resistant. You can place the lid on any of the dishwasher racks without fear of damaging it. You may also choose to use other cleaning methods, like handwashing, to clean the lid. 

This post contains more information on Instant pot, its parts and the process of keeping it clean and odorless. Please read on:

What Is An Instant Pot? 

An instant pot is a multipurpose cooker. The kitchen appliance, which started to gain popularity a few years back, can perform many different kitchen functions, like pressure cooking, steaming, rice cooking, sautéing, slow cooking, warming, etc. 

The instant pot’s versatility has made it most people’s favorite cooking option. So, whether it is a quick meal fix or an I-am-going-all-in meal, the instant pot always delivers. 

What Meals Can You Make With An Instant Pot? 

You can make a lot of things with your instant pot. Truly, the possibilities are endless with your instant pot. You can make yogurt, slow cook, pressure cook, make stews and soups. 

It allows you to boil eggs (some models), warm your food, cook rice, sauté, make cakes (it shouldn’t replace your oven), and even sterilize stuff. This appliance is easily one of the most useful kitchen appliances any individual can own. 

What Parts Of Your Instant Pot Can You Wash In A Dishwasher? 

All parts of your instant pot are dishwasher safe except the base of the pot. The constituents of the base can easily get damaged if they are exposed to water. You can wash the lid, the inner pot, and the sealing ring with a dishwasher and other methods. 

What Do You Need To Clean Your Instant Pot? 

Different people have different ways and items to clean their instant pots. But here is a list of things that you would need to clean your instant pot effectively:

  • Microfiber cloth or a washcloth 
  • Vinegar (white distilled) 
  • A toothbrush or a soft brush 
  • Warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid or powder
  • Dishwasher (not necessary) 

How To Clean The Different Parts Of Your Instant Pot (Deep Clean) 

Here is a step by step guide to cleaning the different parts of your instant pot: 


To thoroughly and effectively clean your instant pot, you must first disconnect it from the power source. Allow the instant pot to cool after unplugging it from the power source. Next, you remove the pot’s lid, the inner pot, and the steam rack. Disassemble it! 

Clean the base of your instant pot:

You mustn’t put the base of your instant pot in water or a dishwasher. The base houses the electrical parts of the pot and the heating elements. 

Clean the exterior parts of the instant pot with a wet washcloth. There might be food particles or stains on the body of the pot. You don’t have to clean the inside of the base. But if you must, use a clean wet cloth and dry it up immediately with a dry washcloth. 

Also, you can use a toothbrush or a soft brush to clean those parts of the base that the washcloth cannot reach—especially parts with food particles sticking to it. 

Clean the stainless inner bowl and steam rack:

These parts of the instant pot are easy to wash with your hands. You can also choose to use a dishwasher. When washing with your hands, use warm water mixed with any dishwashing liquid or powder. Avoid using any harsh cleaners or chemicals on the stainless parts. 

If you have used your instant pot for a while, the inner pot may start changing color, especially at the bottom part. You can get this cleaned by using white vinegar. 

Pour one cup of vinegar into the inner pot, leave it for a few minutes, and then rinse. This simple process would reverse the discoloration.

Disassemble and clean the lid of the instant pot:

To properly clean the lid of your instant pot, you must disassemble it. Remove the sealing ring and anti-block shield and clean them separately. 

When you remove the sealing ring, please take a good look at it. If you notice any distortion or cracks, then it is due for a change. If not, proceed to clean it. You can wash the sealing ring with your hands or with a dishwasher. Next is the anti-block shield. 

The shape of the anti-block shield is often dependent on the manufacturer and the model of your instant pot. However, the most common shapes are oval and round. 

To remove this shield from the lid of your instant pot, push it with your thumb towards the rim of your lid and then lift it. You can wash the removed shield in soapy water (warm) and dry thoroughly with a dry washcloth. 

After cleaning the removable parts of the lid, you can now clean the lid itself. You can choose to clean the lid before cleaning its parts. Do what works best for you. 

Also, clean the float and release valve. There might be hidden food particles there. These valves are sensitive, and the food particles in them may prevent them from functioning, as they should. You may or may not clean the condensation cups. 

Assemble the instant pot:

Wow! You did it! Your Instant pot is now clean. Make sure you dry all the disassembled parts before you assemble them back. Also, ensure that the shield, ring and valves are properly placed. When this is done, you can enjoy your newly cleaned instant pot. 

How Do You Handle A Smelly Instant Pot? 

Many people who use their instant pots regularly have experienced an unpleasant odor coming out from their instant pot. More often than not, this odor would be from the sealing ring. 

Cooking different meals can cause different smells to stick to the sealing ring. You may choose to change the sealing ring or clean it. To clean it, pour white vinegar into the instant pot and turn it on. Use the steam setting. After this is done, please take out the ring and allow it to dry. 

The pot would be most likely odorless after this process. Another way to prevent or reduce the smell caused by smelly sealing rings is to place your lid with the top facing the pot’s base. This way, the inside part of the lid gets exposed to air, and odor automatically reduces. 

How Do You Remove Bluish Stains From Your Instant Pot? 

Because the instant pot is made of stainless steel, food and water can leave stains on it, especially when you use the instant pot regularly. Removing these stains is not particularly difficult. Pour white vinegar into the pot and leave to soak for a few minutes, then rinse. 

If the bluish stain doesn’t clear out, use a sponge soaked in vinegar and elbow grease. 

How To Remove Stuck-on Food From Your Instant Pot

Food particles get stuck in your pot isn’t uncommon. And you can handle such with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and warm water. All you need to do is soak the pot in soapy water before scrubbing to soften the dried food particles in the pot. 

Use a soft sponge to scrub your pot and rinse afterward. You can also use a dishwasher if you have one. 

How To Clean A Burnt Instant Pot 

The instant pot cooks food with the lid closed tightly, making it difficult for you to stir your meal. This cooking condition makes it easier for food to burn at the bottom of the inner pot. 

Everyone knows that cleaning burns from a pot isn’t a fun chore. To clean a burnt inner pot, mix baking soda (4-5 tablespoons) with 3-5 cups of water. You can mix it in a bowl and pour it into the pot or mix it directly. 

After this, shut the instant pot with the lid and pressure cook for a few minutes. Don’t interfere with the pressure. Wash the inner pot with soap and water after pressure cooking. 


This answer to the question “can instant pot lid go in a dishwasher?” Yes. The only part of the instant pot that should be put in a dishwasher or immersed in water is the base of the instant pot. 

This post is an overview of what an instant pot is, what you can do with it and how to clean and maintain it. 

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