What Is A Continuous Garbage Disposal? Tackling Waste Problem With Ease

What Is A Continuous Garbage Disposal

Food wastes are best disposed of using garbage disposals. A Garbage disposal shreds food wastes into tiny bits and drains them into the septic tank. It does so rather than dumping them in the trash. But then, these wastes might end up in landfill and become a problem to our already fragile environment.

Installing a garbage disposal device in your home is a wise decision. It offers a convenient way of disposing kitchen wastes and keeping it clean at all times.

Continuous garbage disposal is an improved design of the batch garbage disposal machines. And what’s more, it’s cost-effective and environment-friendly.

Let us find out more about continuous garbage disposal.

What Is A Continuous Garbage Disposal?

Continuous garbage disposal continuously shreds food wastes or leftovers, with cold water in constant supply. It runs without stopping.

A continuous garbage disposal works similarly to a batch garbage disposal. The distinction is that a continuous feed garbage disposal can keep running when turned on, while for batch garbage, the chamber is filled up first, then capped before switching on the unit. 

Generally, a garbage disposal unit is a plastic or stainless container with a high-powered motor at the base, attached to a metal plate. The metal plate is known as a flywheel and a big open compartment for collecting food waste. The compartment is known as a grinding chamber.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Continuous Garbage Disposal?

Like every other device, continuous garbage disposal comes with its pros and cons. Some of them are highlighted below.


  1. It is fast: This type of garbage disposal may be your most acceptable alternative if you need to chop off a considerable volume of waste in your kitchen. The design comes with a powerful motor that accelerates the grinding of the food items or organic waste you put in the unit.
  2. It is economical: Since there are varieties of continuous garbage systems, the price varies, but they are still affordable compared to batch garbage disposal.
  3. It is convenient: While performing chores, you can toss your waste into the disposal unit, which chops it up immediately. You don’t want it to get filled before use.


  1. It can lead to domestic hazards: You run the danger of having an unexpected mishap with your fingers if you use a continuous garbage disposal. Furthermore, because the continuous garbage unit is constantly plugged into a power source, they can pose a potential danger in electric sparks. 
  2. It requires a lot of water: The amount of water usage is a concern. Using cold water is always recommended to save utility costs.

How Does A Continuous Garbage Disposal Work?

When you turn on the power of the disposal unit by flipping the switch, it will run indefinitely. After you have finished, you turn it off. Always ensure that water is turned on while in use.

The garbage disposal unit does not need blades; instead, the flywheel, shredder ring, and impeller function in unison when turned on, chopping off chunks of leftovers. 

Water from the kitchen tap washes the tiny pieces of waste and passes through the grinding holes and then into the drainage pipe. 

What Items Cannot Be Fed Into The Continuous Garbage Disposal?

In general, both continuous garbage disposal and batch garbage disposal are designed to handle certain types of food wastes. Garbage disposals, for the most part, can shred just about anything you toss at them.

However, according to consumer reports research as published by Perry Santanachote in 2020 the following foods waste are not permitted into the disposal: Fats, oils, and grease, starchy food, vegetables and peels, eggshells, shellfish, and coffee ground.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Continuous Garbage Disposal 

The cost of a constant garbage disposal unit varies. And this cost variation comes with its specifications. In general, you need to consider some factors before purchasing a particular continuous garbage disposal brand for your home. Let’s discuss some of them. 

1. Noise:

Some types have insulation built for noise shielding. Some homes are particular about serenity; hence, the noise factor is worth considering, especially for a large family.

2. Horsepower (HP):

If you consider efficiency or speed, the higher the horsepower, the faster the grind, and the smaller it shreds the food items tossed into it. The downturn here is that more power is consumed. 

On the other hand, if you have to consider your budget, a lower horsepower would require less electricity consumption and less speed. In general, the minimum recommended horsepower for any home is ½ HP. But for large families, it is ¾ HP.

3. Size:

No continuous garbage disposal is designed to fit all types of sinks. Before setting out to purchase your continuous garbage disposal unit, it is necessary to check the dimension of the sink installed in your kitchen. 

4. Brand:

Most continuous garbage disposal units have a compact design and are corrosion resistant. They are relatively simple mechanical appliances, user-friendly, and easy to install. 

InSinkErator, Waste King, Sink Master, and Moen are some of the leading brands for continuous garbage disposal with unique features. If your goal is quality, these brands can guarantee you that.

What Are The Brands Of A Continuous Garbage Disposal?

There are varieties of continuous garbage disposal brands and models based on the factors mentioned previously. This article will highlight the popular brands based on reviews and recommendations.

1. InSinkErator Compact Badger 900

The Compact Badger 900 version of the InSinkErator is a compact design with stainless steel grind components. It’s simple to put together and can handle difficult leftovers like potato peels and bones.

The unit comes with a 3/4 horsepower and a silent Dura-Drive induction motor that powers the disposal unit. In addition, it has a power cord that is sold separately, while some are pre-installed.

It is manufactured in the United States and it comes with a 6-year warranty which covers repairs or replacement. 

2. MOEN GX Pro Series 1/2 HP Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal

The Moen Pro Series has a powerful, high-speed permanent magnet motor that spins at 2600 RPM, designed to prevent jams. It has a horsepower of ½ HP, a voltage of 110 volts, and comes with a power cord. 

MOEN GX Pro Series is corrosion resistant and has the capabilities to chop off kitchen scraps. It is manufactured in China and it includes a three-year warranty.

3. Waste King Legend Series 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Sound-Insulated Garbage Disposal

The Legend series is a lightweight continuous garbage disposal unit. It is designed to conserve space under the sink without impacting on grinding capacity. It comes with a 32-inch pre-installed power cord.

The soundproofing of this Legend series continuous garbage disposal unit is its most notable feature. It has a motor that spins at 2700 RPM. The Grinder ring, turntable, and swivel impellers are all made of stainless steel.

Other features are a retractable splash guard, ABS waste elbow, and plastic drain stopper. It has an 8-year warranty, and it is made in South Carolina.

How Do You Clean Your Continuous Garbage Disposal Appliance?

Your continuous garbage disposal can get dirty. For example, chopped food pieces can get stuck in the splash guard and around the grinding chamber and eventually decay. These pieces can also form clogs.

What is required to clean up your continuous garbage disposal unit are natural ingredients. The steps are as follows.

  1. Safety is essential. Always ensure your disposal unit has been disconnected from its power source before you commence cleaning.
  2. Remove the splash guard and clean up food particles and grease trapped in and other places you may find your garbage disposal chamber you will likely encounter. 
  3. Pour half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar, then allow it to run for about 5 minutes before running water into it.
  4. Put back the splash guard. Use ice cubes with a cup of salt. Turn on the disposal and run with cold water.

What Are The Components Of A Continuous Garbage Disposal?

  1. Splash guard is a rubber or stainless seal placed between the garbage disposal chamber and the sink drain. It guards things against falling into or off the grinding compartment.
  2. Hopper is the compartment that collects food wastes and holds them until they are chopped off into pieces. They are at the top of the chamber
  3. Flywheel is a rotating metal in the disposal chamber. 
  4. Shredder ring is a sharp metal placed around the interior of the disposal chamber that aids in the shredding of food.
  5. have two metal teeth. They come mounted on top of the plate and rotate separately from the flywheel. 
  6. The Motor is what powers the impellers and flywheel. It is rated in horsepower (HP).
  7. Dishwater connector inlet pipe feeds water from the water pipes to the dishwasher while in use.
  8. Drain connector is the outlet for crushed food particles to the drainage.
  9. Reset button is an inbuilt switch that is triggered when a jam occurs. It can also help to prevent overheating of the motor. 
  10. The Allen key is another component of the disposal unit that helps remove the blockage.
  11. Lower hopper chamber located at the base of the compartment that collects crushed food wastes. 
  12. Flywheel turning wrench hole helps remove food jams in the grinding chamber. You can use it to twist the flywheel. 
  13. A Power cord which sometimes comes with an inbuilt installation or bought separately depending on the unit’s model.


Continuous garbage disposals are a very convenient and efficient way to dispose of food items. It shreds the chunks of food items tossed into it into smaller particles and then drains them out through the plumbing pipes

For homes that are particular about keeping their kitchen clean, the continuous garbage disposal is the best option. Continuous garbage disposal comes in different brands and models that fit the user’s demands and preferences.

Hence, it is necessary to consider the various factors mentioned above and many personal preferences that fit your demand before purchasing from the retailers. 

Finally, the longevity of your appliance is dependent on how much effort you make to keep your disposal unit clean at all times.

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