How Big Is A 2000 Square Foot House? Is It An Ideal Size

How Big Is A 2000 Square Foot House

Most people who intend to own homes want to know how big is a 2000-square-foot house. It’s because a 2000 square foot house offers families the best space. 

This house can include various unique features without compromising style and modern design features. 

Knowing your specific house measurement will help you make the correct cost estimates. This article will look at the 2000-square-foot house size, which most people consider today. So, 

How Big Is a 2000 Square Foot House?

Note that 2000 square feet equal 186 square meters. A house this size is comfortable for a family of up to five. It’ll include a dining room, living room, eat-in kitchen, and an additional family room. 

Most people add 2 4-PC washrooms, four reasonable-sized bedrooms, and powder rooms. 

Is A 2000 Square Foot House Size Good? 

Yes, a 2,000-square foot house is an ideal space for a couple with three or more kids. It’s the type of home to relocate to from a starter home. 

A 2,000-square-foot house has additional space that you can allocate to common spaces other than bedrooms. 

The house size also makes it easier to stay neat and organized. That’s because you have enough space to store things, thus reducing the rate of moving things from room to room. 

What Are The Best Features For A 2,000 Square Feet House? 

A great house needs amazing features. Therefore you need to understand some unique features that’ll make your 2000-square-foot house attractive. 

Here are some outstanding features you should look for in 2000-square-foot homes. They can be country homes, ranches, cottages, etc.

1. Great Room 

A great room is crucial if you use the open concept floor plan. It gives your primary living area an inviting and spacious feel. You’ll have easy access to the dining and kitchen area. 

Plus, you can easily keep an eye on your kids. In addition, it makes your home feel much bigger since there aren’t walls blocking it.

2. An Attached Garage 

There are countless benefits of an attached carport or garage. It’s better when you reside in an area with more noticeable climate changes yearly. So, whether it’s raining, snowing, etc., you can comfortably leave your car and enter your home. 

It’s also a great option for someone that loves working on hobby projects from home. It’s because you’ll have year-round easy access to this space.

3. Main Floor Laundry Space

Nobody enjoys carrying heavy laundry bins up and down the flights of staircases. Most 2000-square-foot houses are usually a single story. But having the laundry room on the main floor reduces your work. 

4. Additional Storage

The small house plans don’t offer you extra space, so you’ll have to be creative in your design. However, 2,000 square foot house is big enough and thus has extra space. With additional space, there’ll be less clutter in the open, etc. 

There are several other amazing features that you should consider in 2000 square-foot house. They include an eat-in kitchen, full primary suite, entry foyer, etc. 


Knowing how big is a 2000-square-foot house will help you to come up with an amazing house design. The 2000-square-foot house is big enough for a family of five. You can include all the amazing features you want in this house. 


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