Do Bath And Body Works Wallflowers Work With Glade? Fresheners 

Do Bath And Body Works Wallflowers Work With Glade

People looking for home fragrances often ask, do Bath and Bodyworks wallflowers work with Glade? 

The home fragrance aisle in major stores has thousands of products. You’ll come across oil or gel burners, sprays and candles. Therefore choosing the best product to freshen your home can be quite overwhelming. 

Homeowners prefer products that’ll ensure the house smells pleasant without being overpowering. Bath and Body Works wallflowers and Glade have all these qualities making them people’s favorite. So, let’s find out,

Do Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Work With Glade

Even though both products are air fresheners, using them together is not advisable. It is because they have varying scents and strengths. 

Plus, when it comes to refills, only use bath and Body works refills. It’s because different brands won’t properly fit or could affect the air freshener functionality. Note that it’s imperative that your pets, i.e., cats, do not ingest the air freshener. It can be very toxic

How To Refill Bath And Body Works Wallflowers And Glade?

You can get Wallflowers exclusively from White Barn Candle and Bath and Body Works stores. The Body Works stores sell almost all scents of wallflowers. You can get other exclusive scents from White Barn Candle stores

The product also has other various seasonal (summer and winter) fragrances. You can also find fragrances for other times of the year.  

On the other hand, you can get Glade Plugins Scented Oil refill and units from drug, grocery, and general merchandise retailers. 

They also come in different scents, with some exclusively available during winter. Unlike wallflowers, Glades don’t have special scents for different seasons (summer, winter) and other seasons. 

Wallflowers vs. Glade Plugins Scented Oil

As mentioned, wallflowers and Glade are people’s favorite freshening products. They have amazing scents and don’t cause problems like allergies etc. 

This section comprehensively compares the two products. The information will help you pick the right product for your home needs. 

1. Price

The most striking difference between the products is surely the price. At full price, wallflowers in Bath and Body Works and White Barn Candle costs $12.50. This is the price for a starter unit with one refill. The package with two refills also retails at the same price. 

On the other hand, you’ll have to pay approximately $5 for Glade. However, the price will vary depending on the seller. Glades with additional features cost between $5-12, and refills cost $3-4. Always check out for coupons; they help you save some dollars.

2. Appearance

Wallflowers are the king when it comes to appearance. The product has an attractive look. Regular glade units are plain looking, but the more expensive ones are quite attractive. However, note that wallflowers are large and thus extra bulky. But their impeccable designs almost fit all decors. 

3. Strength 

Both wallflowers and glade units start with the same fragrance strength. The amazing thing is that you can adjust them to fit your personal preferences. The wallflower smell is more realistic than Glade. 

Additionally, the fragrances from both products are pleasant. The wallflowers’ scents are usually pretty close to the scents they’re mimicking. 

But unlike Glade, the wallflowers’ scent wears off quickly. You’ll be unable to smell them after a week, no matter the setting. 

Therefore you’ll have to replace your wallflowers frequently. Note that wallflowers are more expensive. Thus it’s apparent that Glade is more cost-effective.


Most fragrance lovers often wonder, do bath and Body Works wallflowers work with Glade?. There’s no doubt that these are quality products. You can buy them on occasion. 

Wallflowers are the best if you need a product that’ll offer a nice fragrance for some days. But if you want a product that smells nice for a longer period, go with Glade. 

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