Can You Use Sharkbite On Galvanized Pipe? Easy Plumbing 

Can You Use Sharkbite On Galvanized Pipe

Most homeowners ask, can you use sharkbite on galvanized pipe in plumbing forums. Are you having plumbing issues and are looking for ways to fix them? If so, then you must’ve thought about sharkbite.

The product is popular for its ability to connect fittings easily. Sharkbite is also known as the pioneer of push-to-connect fittings. It works well with most metals but not all, and this makes people wonder, 

Can You Use SharkBite on Galvanized pipe?

This plumbing product, i.e., the pioneer of push-to-connect fittings, isn’t for use on galvanized pipes. It creates a threaded to-press that allows it to fit the transition adapter correctly. This enables it to fit your PEX to the galvanized pipe. 

How To Connect SharkBite Galvanized To PEX?

Sharkbite and PEX have dominated the plumbing industry for years. Plumbers have been using sharkbite for almost two decades. On the other hand, PEX makes plumbing easier than other pipes. 

Their easy-to-connect nature simplifies plumbing in ways. Here are the steps on how to connect the two plumbing products. 

  1. Cut the PEX pipe (the cut should be completely straight). 
  2. Ensure the edges where you cut are sharp. Make them smooth using utility knives. 
  3. Insert the pipe in the O-ring. 
  4. Insert a slip ring and ensure everything is in the correct position. 

What Tools Do You Need?

But before you begin, you need to have all the appropriate tools for the job. Here are the most basic tools you’ll need. 

  • Blade cutter/ rotary cutter
  • Utility knife
  • Deeper
  • Go/ no-go gauge 
  • Depth gauge tool
  • Clip ring

What Are The Benefits Of Using Sharkbite? 

It’s so simple to use this product compared to its counterparts. Even if you are a beginner in plumbing, you can correctly use it. You don’t need months to master how to use it. 

You can also rotate the sharkbite connectors after fitting them. It means you can easily alter things in the system quickly. In addition, the sharkbite price is so reasonable. 

This makes it less costly than other plumbing systems. Note that transitioning from one pipe to the next while using sharkbite is easy. Sharkbite fittings work well on a leaky water pipe since they remain sturdy even when wet. 

What Are Some Of The Risks Of Using Sharkbite?

Some people have concerns about its reliability. There have been several leak complaints. Most complaints are from those owning water wells. So when using sharkbite, you should be keen; to ensure your water pipe doesn’t get contamination. 

Note that you can reuse it to some extent, but not much. After inserting the pipe, you’ll have to create the O-ring fittings to prevent rolling. However, the lubricant usually wears after 4-5 uses, leading to leaks. It’s why people prefer compression to sharkbite. 


You now have the answer, can you use sharkbite on galvanized pipe. The plumbing product is popular but wasn’t designed to work with galvanized pipes. Plumbers and DIYers love sharkbite because of its ease to use and affordability. 

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