How Many Feet Is A 3-Story Building? Is It Right For You

How Many Feet Is A 3-Story Building

Whether you’re a real estate veteran or getting started, you need to know how many feet is a 3-story building. A well-designed building (single or multi-story) has various rooms such as a kitchen, bedrooms, etc. 

The standard height of any building depends on location and the environmental conditions of the place. 

It also varies depending on the country/ state as per their laws and regulations. The article focuses on a three-story building’s standard height. It begins by answering, 

How Many Feet Is a 3-Story Building?

The average height of a three-story building is approximately 31 feet. That’s basically from the road level. Adding a minimum of 2.5 ft. pushes the extension to 33.5 ft. high. 

Overall, 33.5 ft. height is considered the average and comfortable measurement for a three-story building. It offers enough aesthetic space. 

Additional Information 

You should note that it’s easy to calculate building heights after allocating them in various categories. They include hotels, residential, mix-use, and office buildings. In an office building, the floor-to-floor height is about 13 feet. 

In residential buildings, the floor heights are about 10 feet per story, while in mixed-use, it’s 11.5 feet. 

What Is The Effect Of Floors On Story Buildings?

As mentioned, a three-story building is approximately 33 inches. The floor count helps you know how high you’re in a building. 

Note that not all floors have room separated by walls. Today people are opting for designs with large open areas for storage and other activities. You can tell a house type by checking out its number of floors and rooms. 

For example, most apartment buildings usually have three floors with many rooms, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. 

What Are Some Of The Factors To Consider When Building A Multi-Story Building?

Building a multi-story facility has excellent and rewarding options. In most urban areas, land is in short supply. 

Therefore constructing a traditional single-story facility can be hard. Therefore a multi-story building will help you save on land costs and much more. 

Here are some of the factors to consider when building a multi-story building. 

1. Location 

Generally, location is a crucial factor, and several elements affect it. Different cities have different landscaping requirements. 

In some, you’ll have to add buffer zones, parking-lot shades, trees, etc. Plus, there are areas where you can and cannot build. 

2. Land Topography 

The land shape has a huge influence on your house design. If your property has too much slope, you’ll have to consider the loaded split-level building. 

This design lets tenants access the building’s first floor from one level. They then drive up and down to the next floor. There are several amazing house designs out there. 

3. Visibility

This is among the crucial feature of a multi-story building. The design of your facility should be attractive to capture prospective tenants’ attention. Ensure its style corresponds with the surrounding community.


You need to know how many feet is a 3-story building if you intend to own one. It’s easier to know the building measurements after putting them in categories. The most popular categories are a residential, hotel, mixed-use, and office buildings. 

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