How Long Does It Take For An Oven To Cool Down? The Cooling Of An Oven

How Long Does It Take For An Oven To Cool Down

The design of an oven ensures that the range maintains its constant temperature. The thermostat is necessary equipment in ensuring that the ven retains its temperature. It provides that it turns the heating element on and off and also measures the oven’s temperature. Therefore it also contributes to determine how long it will take for an oven to cool down.

Sometimes your oven might not cool down even after turning it off. Ranges that stay hot can be hazardous, especially if there are kids in the house. The reason why your oven is staying hot might be because of malfunctioning thermostatic controls. Therefore ensure you find a solution to the problem.

How Long Does It Take For An Oven To Cool Down?

Your oven can take an average of about forty-five minutes for it to cool down. The time ranges from thirty minutes to ninety minutes. Some factors like how hot your oven is when you turn it off make the cooling times different.  Moreover, different types of ranges have varying cooling times.

Factors Determining How Long Your Oven Takes To Cool Down

The average time that might take your oven to cool down is around forty-five minutes. However, your range can take less or even more time to cool down, depending on various factors. Some factors determining how long your oven takes to cool down include:

Outside Temperature

Many people assume that when the oven is off that it is completely cool. The range will take some time before it completely cools off. One of the factors that will influence the time your oven will take to cool is the outside temperature.

The outside temperature is room temperature. On a hot sunny day, the room temperature will be high. Therefore, the oven might take a longer time for it to cool down. On the other hand, on a cold day, the room temperature is low. Therefore it will take your oven less time for it to cool down.


Stirring involves mixing ingredients in your oven. It is best if you do less stirring in your range. It is because the more you stir, the more you add to your mix. Therefore it will make your oven take more time to cool down.

However, if you do less stirring, it will result in adding less air into your mix. Therefore it will take less time for your oven to cool down.


Humidity comes into play when you leave your oven door open. When your oven the oven door, the heat will get released, making your kitchen have high humidity. It means that your kitchen will get very hot the minute you open your oven door.

High humidity will mean that there will be less heat inside your oven. Therefore it will result in your range cooling down faster. On the other hand, when the humidity is low, more heat will remain inside your oven, making it cool down slowly.

Warming Up

Some people first warm up your oven before cooking something. Warming up your oven makes its temperature rise to around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you leave your range at this temperature after cooling down, it will be hotter than usual the next time you use it. Therefore, it will take more time to cool won due to higher temperatures.

The Amount Of Time You Use Your Oven

Another factor determining how long your oven will take to cool down is your oven usage time. If you use your range for a long time, the heating temperatures will be high. Therefore it will make your oven take more time to cool down.

On the other hand, if you take less time using your oven, the heating temperatures will be lower. Therefore it will cool down using less time. You can lower the time for using your range by cooking as many foods as possible once.

Types Of Oven

The amount of time your oven takes to cool down also depends on the type of oven. Different kinds of ranges have varying cooling systems. Therefore, some cool down faster than others. Convection and toaster ovens are more efficient than standard ovens. Consequently, they take less time to cool down compared to the others.

Leaving Your Oven Door Open For Cooling

Leaving your oven door open will bring more benefits other than cooling. Does your oven take a lot of time for it to cool down? If it does, you can lower its cooling time by opening your oven door. Leaving your oven door open will make more heat escape from the oven. Therefore it will result in your range cooling down faster.

However, you should ensure that you do not put anything in or out of the oven. If you do, it will take space in your range and thus hindering the oven’s ability to cool down sufficiently. Leaving your oven door open will not affect the amount of heat that will get lost. The amount of heat lost will remain the same whether the door is open or not.

In summer, cooking in the kitchen can get sweaty and hot disastrous. Adding another heat from the oven can be unbearable. Therefore if you are still cooking, avoid leaving your range open as it will result in very high temperatures in your kitchen. However, if you are leaving the kitchen to go and relax, you can leave your oven open.

During the winter, opening your oven door after use can come in handy. When you open your oven door, heat will get released to your house, bringing warmth to you and your family. However, some people think it is a waste of energy.

On the contrary, you will be saving energy when you leave your oven doors open. When your oven is in use, heat gets created, and when you turn it off, you prevent any more heat generation. Therefore, the heat that remains inside your oven has already served its purpose.

Leaving the heat inside by closing the oven door will mean you are wasting the energy you have paid for. Using the heat inside by heating your kitchen will be beneficial rather than wasting it inside the oven.

If you own a fan oven, ensure you consider leaving your oven door open. When there is too much heat inside the range, the internal fans will sense it and run longer. However, leaving your oven door open will help your oven cool down faster. Therefore, your fan will run for less time. It will prevent you from consuming more energy, and you will control your fans from wearing out.

Does your oven have a food smell? When you cook food in your oven and close it after use, it will smell food. Therefore, opening your oven door will help release the smell to open-air, making your oven fresh. It will help, especially if you cook stinky food. 

Reasons Why Your Oven Is Not Cooling Down Even After Turning It Off

When an oven is not cooling down, it might result from some faulty oven parts. The good news is that you can solve the problem by replacing the faulty parts. Some of these defective parts causing your oven not to cool down include:

Temperature Sensor

Most of the modern ranges have a temperature sensor inside. The work of the temperature sensor is to monitor the temperature inside the oven. If the temperature sensor is faulty, the oven’s control board will display a fault code. Therefore your range will remain hot even when turned off.

Oven Thermostat

The work of the thermostat is to detect the oven’s temperature. Moreover, it is also responsible for controlling the heating element depending on the oven’s temperature settings. Therefore when your oven thermostat becomes faulty, the range will not cool down even after turning it off.

Is It Safe To Leave Your Oven Door Open?

Leaving your oven door open can bring many benefits. However, it can also not be safe to do so. It can be a dangerous thing to do, especially if you have a pet of kids. Leaving a hot oven open can lead to severe burns if your kid happens to go near the range. Therefore ensure you keep your pet of kids as far away from the open oven as possible.

What Type Of Oven Is The Best One To Buy?

The best oven for you is the one that meets your needs. Therefore the best oven for you depends on your taste and the requirements you want to satisfy. If you are looking for efficiency, then the oven you should choose is the convection oven. They cook and cool down faster than the other standard ovens.


If you have been having questions about how long your oven can take to cool down, now you know. The average time it takes is forty-five minutes. Depending on the above factors, it can either be less or more. Moreover, you can also reduce the cooling time by opening your oven doors. If your oven has a faulty temperature sensor or thermostat, your range will have problems cooling down.


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