Where Is The Reset Button On Frigidaire Refrigerator?

Where Is The Reset Button On Frigidaire Refrigerator

Where is the reset button on Frigidaire refrigerator? Some fridge models allow users to reset these machines easily. The button helps when you need to troubleshoot the refrigerators.

Several instances could prompt you to reset your unit. It is, therefore, important that you know what to do when the need arises. Frigidaire makes reliable units, and you probably wouldn’t have to reset the units.

A quick reset solves most issues with the fridge.

Resetting your Frigidaire refrigerator is relatively easy. For some models, you would need to locate the reset button. But,

Where Is the Reset Button on Frigidaire Refrigerator?

Frigidaire units do not have reset buttons. The manufacturers design the fridges to reset without a reset button. Performing a hard reset could be useful as it helps solve the most common problems. 

Note that other brands might have the reset button, and you need to look up the unit’s reset instructions. Frigidaire refrigerators are not complicated, and anyone can reset them.

How Do You Reset Your Frigidaire Refrigerator?

Frigidaire refrigerators are user-friendly. They are easier to reset than most models in the market. These devices rarely get problems, but you should know how to reset them just in case. Since there isn’t a reset button, how can you reset them?

Step 1: Unplug the unit

Unplug your Frigidaire unit from its power source. Leave the fridge unplugged for at least five minutes. You can plug it back into the power source after the fifth minute.

Step 2: Defrost timer

The defrost timer regulates the volume of frost inside your unit. Turn the timer anticlockwise. Locate the hole on the defrost timer. Insert a flathead screwdriver in the hole and turn it anticlockwise too.

Step 3: Remove the back panel (Specific models)

For this step, you must push your Frigidaire unit away from the wall. The bottom panel houses the defrost timer in some units. 

Unscrew the panel to see the defrost timer. Insert a flat head screw into the hole and turn it anticlockwise. Turn it back to its original position.

Step 4: Hard factory reset

If the options above don’t solve your issue, you might need to do a factory reset. A factory reset is easy. 

You must press and simultaneously hold the power freezer and cooler buttons down. Do it for three seconds and release. It should return the fridge to its factory mode.

When Do You Reset Your Fridge?

You might need to reset your unit if:

  • Your food constantly goes stale after a short duration.
  • The internal temperatures fluctuate often.
  • There are strange noises when you run the fridge.


Where is the reset button on Frigidaire refrigerator? Frigidaire refrigerators do not have a reset button. 

A simple factory reset is enough to solve most of the problems with the unit. Frigidaire makes robust and reliable units. The article explains how you can reset your unit.

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