How Many Amps Does An RV AC Use?- Power Requirements

How Many Amps Does An RV AC Use

How many Amps does an RV AC use? If you own an RV, you appreciate how good having air conditioning is. It makes those long journeys bearable and more interesting.

The AC runs off the RV’s power unit. It dissipates cool or warm air depending on how you set it. These units vary in size and efficiency.

Running an AC unit requires that you draw some power from your main unit. But just how much power should you draw? Let us find out:

How Many Amps Does an RV AC Use?

An AC unit in your RV requires at least 11 amps and as high as 17 amps for some units. The amperage requirement varies depending on the model, size, and efficiency. 

An 11 Amp unit runs at really high efficiency. These are the latest models. Ideally, you want a unit that is efficient and reliable. Any unit that goes above 17 amps might not be worth buying.

How To Minimize AC Power Consumption

Running an AC unit in your RV is an efficient way to stay cool or warm during the winter. Running the AC could consume much power in the long run. How, then, can you stay efficient? Here are some tips:

Clean your AC regularly.

AC units get dirty when dust and debris get sucked into the vents. When it happens, the cooling or heating efficiency drops. It could result in higher power draws. Clean the vents and filters whenever you can.

Invest in a modern unit

RV cooling technology has come a long way. Modern units are more efficient and draw less power. 

These units might cost more, but they pay for themselves through your savings. An efficient unit runs at 11 Amps.

Run the unit at the right voltage

If you run the unit at the correct voltage, it will run efficiently. Under volting your unit causes it to run inefficiently. It could also damage the unit. You can calibrate most units to run at 120V.

How Can You Prevent AC Heat From Leaking?

The last thing you want is the heat from your unit leaking out of the RV. How can you stop it?

Place heat traps on vents.

Heat traps are materials you place on your RV vents to prevent heat from escaping. They are thin mats sold at many RV stores. It is an inexpensive way of preventing heat from leaking.

Wrap your RV interior in a heat skirt

These are vinyl wraps that coat the inside walls of your RV. They are poor conductors of latent heat and keep the walls from transferring heat to the outside.


How many Amps does an RV AC use? An RV AC uses between 11 Amps and 17 Amps. These units draw moderate power from your vehicle’s power unit. 

The latest units get optimized to run efficiently and draw as little as 11 Amps. They are certainly worth the investment.


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