The Power XL Air Fryer Instructions Explained In Details 

The Power XL Air Fryer Instructions Explained In Details

Many of us are familiar with the local method of frying foods with oil using a frying pan. However, we now have a new invention called the air fryer.

An air fryer is an electrical appliance that cooks, grills, roasts, fries, and bakes food using mechanical fans that blow scorching air through the food.  The food cooks inside, leaving the outside crispy.

The Power Air fryer XL is an oven, grill, steamer, cooktop, and toaster rolled into one neat, small, and multifunctional appliance.

In this article, we’ll walk you through using the Power XL Air Fryer.

Instructions Before Using The Power XL Air Fryer

  • Unpack all the materials from the package.
  • Remove all stickers.
  • With warm water, use a moist cloth with mild detergent to clean the units. Wash other cooking accessories.
  • Before using the air fryer for cooking meals, allow it to get hot for a few minutes to get rid of the manufacturer’s protective oil coating. After this process, wash the team with warm soapy water and dry with a washcloth.
  • Place the equipment on a flat, heat-resistant surface that is not close to any combustible material. For example, you can place it in an airy area.
  • Place the frying tray into the basket, and put the basket into the unit. When it enters appropriately, you will hear a ‘click.’

Note: Do not place anything on the equipment. Do not add too much oil or food to be cooked because it uses little oil, and if there is too much food, it will block the airflow.

How To Use The Power XL Air Fryer

Using this appliance for the first time may appear tricky, but it’s an uncomplicated venture. Follow the steps below to use the Power XL Air Fryer.

  • Plug the appliance into its outlet.
  • Next, press the power button to preheat the appliance.
  • Press the temperature increase or decrease button to set the cooking temperature.
  • Preheat it for 3 minutes. Press the Time Decrease Button to set it, and when the time is set, bring out the basket from the unit, and place your ingredients for cooking inside. It’s better to use the frying tray inside the basket.
  • The basket will be very hot, so hold the handle when bringing it out or pushing it in. Avoid touching it with your bare hands.
  • It’s time to cook. Set the right time and temperature for the food you are cooking.
  • When it is ready, the timer will beep five times. Pull out the basket and place the tray on a heat-resistant surface.
  • Please don’t turn it upside down when you remove the basket to avoid the remaining oil from leaking into the food.
  • Remove the food with a tong.
  • If you still want to cook the food some more, place that basket back into the fryer, and fry again for a few minutes.
  • Now, the unit is ready to prepare the next meal.

Precautionary Measures

To avoid any electrical hazard, you should take some precautions.

  • Don’t wash or pour water on the central unit that houses the electrical components and heating elements.
  • This equipment has a polarized plug which must fit into a polarized outlet. If it doesn’t fit in at first, then turn the plug the other way. If it still doesn’t enter correctly, call an electrician to fix it for you.
  • Ensure you plug it properly into a particular wall socket.
  • Don’t overfill the tray. Doing so will prevent it from coming in contact with the heating element and the interior upper screen.
  • Don’t block the Air Intake Vent or the Air Outlet Vent. If this happens, it will affect the food being cooked and may damage your equipment.
  • Never touch the air fryer till it’s completely cool. When in use, the air fryer runs into hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit. If you feel it when it’s still hot, you’ll get your hands burnt.
  • Don’t let children or mentally incapable people use this equipment.
  • When in use, place it 5 inches away from any other appliance above, beside, and behind it. Don’t put anything on it, and don’t keep it close to any other equipment.
  • In the case of damage of any kind, be it the cord, power cord, or appliance, do not use it till you’ve repaired it.
  • Avoid placing it on a cooktop to avoid mistakenly toppling it and ruining your cooktop.
  • If the power cord gets faulty, send it to Tristar (its service agent) for repair or a well-qualified repairer.
  • Keep the power plug far away from anything hot, and don’t use your wet hand to operate it.
  • Don’t use any other card for the appliance.
  • Don’t leave your appliance plugged in after use.
  • Allow it to cool down before touching, cleaning, and storing.
  • If you have to place the appliance on a breakable table or a light countertop, check with the manufacturer or the installer to find out what you should use on the table first. 

They may advise you to place a hot pad or a trivet on the table for heat protection before placing the appliance on top. This precaution is necessary because it is not advisable to use hot pots, plates, and electrical appliances on fragile surfaces.

Don’t place your appliance on a hot cooktop to avoid a fire outbreak. This appliance is for household use only.

Why You Should Buy An Air Fryer

Air fryers are more convenient as they save you time and energy. They also use less oil, giving you a healthier but sumptuous meal. Here are reasons to have one.


It doesn’t only fry foods. It can be very effective for baking muffins, cupcakes, and roasting. So you can do a lot with it.


It consumes less time. You have the freedom to do other things while cooking. Compared to local frying, using the air fryer is more convenient, unlike the local frying method. You don’t have to be afraid of oil popping or pouring.

It’s also easy to clean as it uses less oil. You can quickly dismount and wash the parts. In addition, it takes up little space. Even the most giant air fryer won’t fill up your kitchen countertop.

Cooling system:

It has an exhaust and a cooling system that helps avoid overheating.


It cooks the inside and still gives the outside a crispy taste. So the inside of the food is not dry, and the outside retains its crispness. So you can be assured of adequately cooked meals.

Healthy meals:

If you need to start a diet or are a fan of healthy dieting, cooking your meals with an air fryer is a better option for healthy meals. It helps reduce calories and fat, as it uses less oil than local frying.

Things To Note Before Buying an Air Fryer

Power consumption:

An air fryer uses less power than a regular oven. The highest an air fryer will take to prepare a meal is 15minutes, and its maximum is 1500 wattage which can only make use of nothing more than 1 unit a day. 

Some air fryers have less than 1500 watts and so consume less power a day.


Air fryers come in small, medium, and large sizes, and these sizes are measured in liters. The small air fryer is 1 – 2 liters and it will serve a small family of two or three. The medium is 1.8 liters to 2.5 liters and is enough for a family of 4-6 persons. 

While the large size can have up to 5 liters and more, this can serve a large family and cook large meals. If it’s a thanksgiving or a large family dinner, you can opt for the twin basket fryer that can help you cook two meals simultaneously.

Wattage level:

Air fryers come in 800 watts to 1800 watts and more. When purchasing an air fryer, be sure that your power outlet can carry at least up to 800 watts to 1500 watts. The higher the temperature, the hotter the air fryer will be, and the faster it can heat frozen foods.


Check for automatic shut-offs to avoid overcooking. Also, ensure that the air fryer has insulation, with a cool-touch hand grip to prevent burning your hands when removing the basket. 

Make sure the bottom of the air fryer is a non-slip foot, so it doesn’t slip off when in use. Also, check out for the control for the exterior basket and locking lids.

Temperature control:

You must get an air fryer with excellent working temperature control to avoid food burns. An air fryer cooks better at above 400 degrees. The higher the degree, the faster the cooking. 

Cooking takes 1 to 15 minutes with an air fryer. However, baked goods and batter coatings will not absolve enough grease if the temperature is too high. The indicator lights and an integrated timer will alert you when it’s cooked.


The Power Air fryer XL is a multipurpose electrical appliance comprising an oven, grill, steamer, cooktop, and toaster; all rolled into one compact and convenient unit.

In this article, we’ve provided information on using the Power XL Air Fryer, including preventive measures to avoid hazards.

It’s more convenient to use an air fryer because it saves time and energy. Air fryers also require less oil, resulting in a healthier but still delectable meal.

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