Built-In Wardrobe Ideas; A Guide To Elegance

Built-In Wardrobe Ideas

A wardrobe is an essential part of any house, whether in the kitchen or the bedroom. Selecting the right cabinet will help you maximize space usage around your home, and you will be more organized. 

We are all gifted in different ways, and some might have an eye for such matters and make them without help. However, you could have the space, and you want a wardrobe, but you don’t know how to go about it; here are some ideas you could look into;

Built-In Wardrobe Ideas

1. White Girl’s Room Wardrobe

This is a simple design that will work perfectly for a small room. It is close to the wall and doubles as a table, so there is an effective use of all the space in a room to give a sleek, white feel. 

Source: HGTV.com

2. Dark Grey Walk In Closet

Dark Grey Walk In Closet

This is an option for someone with a large house and many clothes and accessories; the ample space gives both style and space for your clothes and shoes.

Source: Erinkestenbaum.com

3. Classy Wooden Closet WardrobesClassy Wooden Closet Wardrobes

Get an elegant wooden set to give you a lovely antique feel along with space to store all your accessories without eating into your room space.

Source: Pinterest.com

4. Elegant Walkthrough Closet

Elegant Walkthrough Closet

If you are looking for an elegant closet that shows luxury, this is the choice for you since it is fitted with glass doors, lights, and ample space to work with.

Source: spb.kupeteka.ru

5. Large Walk-In Closet

Large Walk-In Closet

This option is a white closet with a lot of room and almost 20 wardrobes to help you sort out all your possessions for an organized space.

Source: Noithathometime.com

6. Simple Bed Wardrobe

Simple Bed Wardrobe

A simple wardrobe attached to the bed works as a shelf, especially for kids to put a few of their books and toys for easy access without filling up the room.

Source: Balancinghome.com

7. Wooden  Aesthetic Walkthrough Closet

Wooden  Aesthetic Walkthrough Closet

This is a large closet whose sides are lined with brown wooden wardrobes to put all your clothes and accessories in one room for easy access.

Source: Houzz.com

8. Simple Wardrobe Design

Simple Wardrobe Design

Simplicity emanates elegance with this wardrobe that gives you 12 spaces for your clothes, shoes, and accessories without compromising the size of your room.

Source: Oprahdaily.com

9. White Wall Unit Wardrobe

This well-lit, black and white wardrobe unit will be a good choice for you since it has enough space for everything you need to store in your room.

Source: ebay.co.uk

10. Classy Glass Wardrobe 

Classy Glass WardrobeNothing says class more than this white closet with glass doors and wooden interior wardrobes. It will meet your storage needs and make your room look fabulous while doing it. 

Source: Houzz.com

 11. Simple White Wall Unit Closet

Simple White Wall Unit Closet

Its simple design allows it to go with any décor, and the partitions will enable you to hang your clothes neatly and access them easily.

Source: Closetworks.com

12. Glass Door Aesthetic Wardrobe

Glass Door Aesthetic Wardrobe

The glass panels on this wardrobe offer you additional convenience since you can browse through your options without opening each door. 

Source: Closetphile.com

13. Traditional White Wardrobe 

Traditional White WardrobeThe saying old is gold is affirmed by this wardrobe with a simple, traditional design; it has several closets and cabinets with handles for ease when opening. 

Source: Closetwork.com

14. Simple Bedside Wardrobe

Simple Bedside Wardrobe

It has an outer door to keep all your possessions hidden, and once you open it, there are drawers to give you more space, along with the large shelf.

Source: Jvcarpentry.com

15. Integrated Bathroom Wardrobe

Integrated Bathroom Wardrobe

This wardrobe’s flexibility allows you to use it for a wide range of clothes, shoes and other beauty products you need.

Source: Home-designing.com

16. Aesthetic Walk-in closet

Aesthetic Walk-in closet

This option comes with accommodations for everything you need to get ready for your day; it has space for storage and a mirror to help you get ready.

Source: Houzz.com

17. Large Wooden Walk In Closet

Large Wooden Walk In Closet

An elegant wooden cloth storage area that has shelves big enough to keep your clothes. The clean wooden polish makes for a natural yet sleek look that will keep you happy.

Source: Houzz.com

18. Tall White Wall Closet

Tall White Wall Closet

This wardrobe offers you storage space with several drawers and shelves without eating up your room space by being as high as your room.

Source: Houzz.com

19. White TV Wall Mount Closet

White TV Wall Mount Closet

If you have a wardrobe that has our small closets, 18 cabinets, and space for your bedroom TV, what else could you need in the room?

Source: Milkcoffeechallenges.blogspot.com

20. White Wall Closet

White Wall Closet

This closet option will cover one side of the wall to give as much space as possible. There is a makeup table in the middle with drawers for you to keep your accessories and jewelry. 

Source: Feedinspiration.com

21. Large Multi-shelved Closet

Large Multi-shelved Closet

This closet is as big as a room, and it has a lot of shelves for your shoes, draws for your jewelry, and spaces to hang suits, dresses, and other clothes, making it the best choice for you. 

Source: Closetphile.com

22. White Open Closet

White Open Closet

The walls of this closet have spaces for shoes and clothes with levers that allow you to pull all the clothes to a lower level without messing them up.

Source: Closetphile.com

23. White Shoe Rack And Closet

White Shoe Rack And Closet

This is a good option that has an integrated fancy shoe rack as its centerpiece with shelves and drawers on the side to keep jewelry, décor, and other clothes.

Source: Closetphile.com

24. Wooden Large Walk Through Closet

Wooden Large Walk Through Closet

This is an open closet that gives you two access ways with clothes on both sides. The increased space size allows you to move about as you make your choice freely.

Source: Houzz.com

25. Simple White Walk In Closet

Simple White Walk In Closet

A simple, extensive, and well-designed closet with shelves on the top, larger ones in the middle, drawers at the lower part, and more shelves at the bottom and on the sides. 

Source: Closetphile.com

26. Huge Elegant Wall Closet

Huge Elegant Wall Closet

This closet is built into the wall, and it is a choice for those who don’t have too much space in the house. There are closets at the top and drawers at the bottom to make it easy to use.

Source: Closetphile.com

27. Custom Traditional Wall Closet

Custom Traditional Wall ClosetThis simple closet will serve all your needs without taking up space; the color does not shout; it will therefore blend in with most décor, and the height of the closet ensures no space is wasted.

Source: Closetwork.com

28. Traditional Black Wall Closet

Traditional Black Wall ClosetThis black closet will give a subtle, classy feel to your room without messing up the décor since black blends most colors. It goes from floor to ceiling, ensuring maximum storage efficiency.

Source: Houzz.com

29. Classy Oval Walk In Closet

Classy Oval Walk In Closet..

This is the dream closet with an almost oval shape having shelves for your clothes and shores along with drawers for jewelry and a chandelier to top off the splendor.

Source: Closetphile.com

30. Large White Closet room

Large White Closet room.

A closet the size of a small room might be just what you need if you have a ton of clothes that are difficult to manage. The shelves, drawers, and cabinets make it an organized and convenient choice.

Source: Closetphile.com

31. Large White Walk In Open-Shelved Closet

Large White Walk In Open-Shelved Closet

This option has a set of drawers as the centerpiece then shelves of varying sizes around the sides to make storage easy and adjustable for each user.

Source: Columbiaforestproducts.com

32. Small Open Walk-In Closet

Small Open Walk-In Closet

This is a small and efficiently shelved closet that will make your cloth and shoe organization easy without squeezing in on your room.

Source: Columbiaforestproducts.com

33. Wall Build Integrated Closet

Wall Build Integrated Closet

This closet has a glass door in the middle to give you a view of the interior; the exterior doors allow you to close and keep all your clothes away to leave a clean room.

Source: Buildingandinteriors.com

34. Extended Wall Closet and Shoe Rack

Extended Wall Closet and Shoe Rack

An exterior shoe rack on this closet separates the shoes from the rest of the clothes, locked in the closet, and drawers at the bottom.

Source: Houzz.com

35. Extended Drawers and Closet Room

Extended Drawers and Closet Room

This elegant wall closet is built into the wall, and it partly extends into the room, with the center drawers and cabinets being more prominent than the sides to give it a nice look.

Source: Houzz.com

36. White Shelved Bedside Closet

White Shelved Bedside Closet

This unit is convenient for a small room; the closet doors open to neatly placed shelves for small items and a make-up table with a mirror and drawers at the bottom.

Source: Buildingandinteriors.com

37. Large Partitioned Bedroom Closet

Large Partitioned Bedroom Closet

A big closet with shelves of different sizes to help you store your clothes, shoes, and jewelry however you want with drawers conveniently placed on lower parts.

Source: Houzz.com

38. Multi-Drawer Walk In Closet

Multi-Drawer Walk In Closet

With three large shelves and over 30 smaller ones, you will have the freedom to choose how to organize your shoes and clothes in them and the three drawers in the middle of the setup.

Source: Columbiaforestproducts.com

39. Plain Corner Closet

Plain Corner Closet

This setup takes advantage of spaces in your room to fit a closet and almost unnoticeable drawers, making them an excellent choice to blend with your room décor.

Source: Bostonwardrobes.co.nz

40. White Panel Wall Closet

White Panel Wall Closet

When you have a white organised closet, it allows you to arrange your shoes and accessories on the shelf for aesthetics and ease of picking the next outfit.

Source: Aliexpress.com

41. Separated Drawer and Shelf Closet

Separated Drawer and Shelf Closet

The drawers are all placed on one side, and most of the shelves are on the other to give a clear distinction from clothes to shoes then the drawers for easy movement.

Source: Homedepot.com

42. Large Dressing room Closet

Large Dressing room Closet

You could use this design for children or twins since it has enough space for two beds and enough shelves to stack their clothes neatly.

Source: Construction2style.com

43. Subtle White Wall Closet

Subtle White Wall Closet

This closet will work well for you if you don’t want a distraction from your décor. It is built into the wall and is almost unnoticeable.

Source: Pinterest.com

44. Sliding Door Closet

Sliding Door Closet

This closet has sliding doors that open up to shelves and drawers for your clothes. Different opening patterns give access to other parts of the closet.

Source: Decoraid.com

45. Cupped Handle Wardrobe

Cupped Handle Wardrobe

This dull-colored simple wardrobe will be an excellent addition to your room since it offers ample space to store your clothes, accessories, and jewelry, and it is easy to open and close.

Source: Erinkestenbaum.com

46. Customizable Wall Closet

Customizable Wall Closet

This wall closet is open, and it has shelves to hang your clothes and shoes. You can add a drawer or two on the bottom side of the cabinet if you want to.

Source: Osborneskitchens.com.au

47. Girl’s Corner Closet

Girl’s Corner Closet

This pink closet has shelves and drawers that are made low to be accessible by a child. There are shelves for keeping dolls and games which are not too high and the kids can get to it.

Source: Houzz.com

48. High Room Closet 

High Room Closet 

There is a ladder that goes higher than most people can get to; there are joint shelves for shoes at the entrance and bigger ones for clothes as you go deeper.

Source: Houzz.com

49. Compact Wooden White Closet

Compact Wooden White Closet

A small walk-in closet with drawers on two sides, shelves around a shoe rack at the entrance to keep your clothes separated while leaving space for you to move.

Source: Houzz.com

50. Plain Open Wall Closet

Plain Open Wall Closet

This design has one large opening for your bigger clothes; then, on the side, there are shelves and drawers for smaller pieces of clothing and jewelry.

Source: Google.com

51. Exterior Closet With Drawers

Exterior Closet With Drawers

This closet has two shelves at the top, each with its door. It also has two doors opening to a set of draws and a large rack above them for hanging clothes.

Source: Thediyplan.com

52. Wall To Wall Room Closet

Wall To Wall Room Closet

Here is an elegant closet that will be on the entrance side of your room, clear color to match your décor and space between the two pieces for the door.

Source: Home-designing.com

53. Elegant White Walk-in Closet 

Elegant White Walk-in Closet 

This closet has a set of drawers on each side and open shelves for hanging your clothes for easy selection. In addition, there is a mirror at the end of the closet to help you dress well.

Source: Houzz.com

54. High Rising Wall Wardrobe 

High Rising Wall Wardrobe

This closet goes from floor to ceiling and is entirely wooden; the doors have handles to make it easy for you to open and close the cabinets after getting dressed.

Source: Thewowdecor.com

55. Split White Room Closet

Split White Room Closet

This design is suitable for a room with immovable decor or objects since there are two separate pieces. Each piece is identical to the other and has shelves at the top and drawers at the bottom.

Source: Fifimcgee.co.uk

56. Bedside Low Wardrobe

Bedside Low Wardrobe

This is a small wardrobe that can be used primarily by kids who would be unable to reach high places; it is convenient and has drawers, so it is easy to organize for a child.

Source: Wharfedaleinteriors.com

57. Large Open Walk-In Closet

Large Open Walk-In Closet

This huge closet has enough space to keep clothes for the whole family with drawers in the middle, along the side, and shelves all around the room partitioned to manage storage.

Source: Houzz.com

58. Elegant Wooden In Wall Closet

Elegant Wooden In Wall Closet

This setup is perfect for a room that needs a vintage and classy look. The doors are plain, and they mix well with the décor of the walls without limiting storage or room space. 

Source: Homestratosphere.com

59. Window Side Wardrobe

Window Side Wardrobe

This is a two-piece wardrobe that has drawers at the lower center. Thus it will work well with a wall that has a window, so it doesn’t block the light. 

Source: Ikeahackers.net

60. Shelved Closed Wardrobe

Shelved Closed Wardrobe

An open closet like this offers you large storage spaces on the sides to hang shirts, dresses, and trousers, then smaller shelves at the top and in the middle for smaller clothes and shoes.

Source: Overstock.com

61. Open Wardrobe Room

Open Wardrobe Room

This is a relatively big room that has a dozen open shelves with bars for hanging clothes. In the center platform, there are drawers to give more storage options. 

Source: Columbiaforestproducts.com

62. Walk-In Shelved Wardrobe

Walk-In Shelved Wardrobe

This shelved wardrobe is the best for shoes and bags, but you can also use it for folded clothes. You can keep clothes in the drawers and larger shelves then use the rest for shoes.

Source: Mblx.ru

63. Plain Wooden Wardrobe

Plain Wooden Wardrobe

This closet is mainly made up of wood with metal poles above the shelves for hanging clothes. Below the clothes, there are more shelves where you can have shoes or more clothes.

Source: Hansekitchen.en.made-in-china.com

64. Lady’s Walk-In Open Closet

Lady’s Walk-In Open Closet

A chandelier in the center hanging above a make-up table with a mirror, a dozen shelves, and large drawers give the user space to store anything that needs to be stored.

Source: Houzz.com

65. Traditional Wall Built WardrobeTraditional Wall Built Wardrobe

A white wardrobe always gives a room a classy feel, and the big handles on the doors make it easy to open, especially since the entries go to the top of the closet.

Source: Hansekitchen.en.made-in-china.com

66. Aesthetic Gray Walk In Closet

Aesthetic Gray Walk In Closet

A colossal closet like this has over 20 shelves for shoes, clothes, and bags; it also has drawers on the sides and at the center to ensure you keep all your clothes organized.

Source: Houzz.com

67. Wooden Gray Wall Closet

Wooden Gray Wall Closet

This simple closet will make any room look organized with its well-partitioned shelves and drawers of varying sizes make it easy to plan with.

Source: Houzz.com

68. Built-In White Wardrobe

Built-In White Wardrobe

This is a well-designed wardrobe option that will work well for small and large rooms because it is built into the wall to avoid messing up the room’s size.

Source: Theheritagewardrobecompany.com

69. Off Ground Shelved Closet

Off Ground Shelved Closet

These shelves are installed into the wall, above-ground, thus it leaves some space below, and you can store heavy things there. The frames are the perfect size for shoes and most clothes.

Source: Amazon.com

70. Wooden Walk In Room Closet

Wooden Walk In Room Closet

This large closet with eight drawers and 15 big shelves will give space to hang long clothes like dresses and trousers and storage for shoes and accessories. 

Source: Houzz.com


Getting the right wardrobe for your room will help you have better organization of your clothes and accessories. This will make it easier for you to pick and maintain outfits. 

You should also have a drawer to store all the small accessories like jewelry and watches since they could get lost among the clothes. There are many options to choose from, and even those with small rooms can have a fantastic wardrobe.

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