How To Store An Extension Cord? Tips On How To Store Extension Cords

How to Store an Extension Cord.

The extension cords come in different thicknesses, lengths, colours and service duties. The thickness of the cable determines the amount of power it can carry. 

One of the most important things you need to be keen on when dealing with extension cords is storage. It’s essential to store the cord properly. This will undoubtedly increase the lifespan of the cable. 

In addition, it will save you the headache of having to untangle a long extension cord when you want to do a project. 

To avoid such, you’ll need to learn how to store the extension cords. Here are some of the best ways to keep the extension cable. 

How to Store an Extension Cord?

The Over-Under Coil

This is the most popular and peoples favourite extension cord storage style. It’s easy to execute and helps preserve the cord as you store it. 

It’s just a regular coil. You make loop after loop on top of the other. The natural curve of the extension cord is always so cumbersome to handle and stresses the wires inside. 

The over-under coil works with the extension cord natural curve and not against it. This makes the extension cord rest stress free. 

With this method, you can easily coil a 60-foot over while standing in one place. It’s genuinely a handy time saver. The great thing about this method is it will not damage the cord. 

It’ll be in good shape the next time you want to use it. On the downside, the method does not come naturally. But you’ll have to get used to it.  

The Chain Link

The chain link method keeps the cord organized. It also eases the transportation of the cord. With this method, you can ideally store it in a 5-gallon bucket or wall hook without much trouble. 

This makes it better than around-the-arm-coil. The chain link method has many twists that may not stretch if the cord is stored in the cold or is stiff. 

You cannot stretch the cable across a workspace in a quick and single throw like the over-under coil method. 

Velcro Cord Wraps

To store your cords in a coil, you’ll need some cord wraps. You can purchase cord wraps online or in any hardware store. 

The reusable Velcro straps only go for a few bucks. The straps come in various sizes, and the large size option can perform the function effectively. 

When selecting the strap, look for one with a small hole or clip. Such will keep the strap perfectly wrapped around the cord when in-store. 


Almost all homesteads do have the extension cord. Poor storage will ruin the cord. 

The simple spooling plastics can do the work but are pretty awkward to use. We do not recommend them to any person. 

However, some winding reels can be slightly better. You will, however, have to hold them while pulling out the cord. Cranking the handle is a lot of work, and this makes the over-under method better.

The Around-The-Arm Coil

It’s the most default method that people use. It isn’t great, though. With this method, you need to hold the end of the cord in one hand. 

You then pull it taut around the arm’s elbow. Start folding it tighter. Wrap the dangling end around the entire coil. But this adds stress to the cord and jacket. 

Mounted Cord Reels

If you store the cord in one place, like the workshop or garage, mounting the cord on a retractable cable reel might be the best option. 

It’s one of the easiest ways of storing the cable. The bad thing is that most cable reels come with cords that are pretty thin for their length. 

But some do come with a multi-outlet which is also known as banana tap. It does offer some convenience. 

Use Paper Towel Rolls

If you own a thin cord, you can use a few paper towel rolls. It’ll help to keep the cord in place. Bunch up the cord and then slide down several paper towel rolls. 

The cord will be well stored in the rolls, and you’ll be able to move, keep and grab the cords safely.   

The Benefits Of Proper Extension Cords Storage

Proper storage of the extension cable does matter because of two significant reasons, that’s convenience and safety. In addition to these two, it makes the store look clean and more organized.  

It Offers Convenience

The most convenient method of storing the extension cords is that which does not tangle them. Just throwing the extension cord in the box until you have a project will tangle up the cord. 

By properly storing the cable, you won’t have worries about untangling a mess of extension cable. Plus, it’ll be easier to find the cable because you’ll know where it is. 

Ensures Safety 

This is the most crucial reason behind proper storage. You won’t have to worry about accidents like tripping overhanging cables when you store the cable properly. 

The unwrapped extension cords can be a hazard for people walking around, especially children and the elderly. In addition, the cable tends to wear out faster if not properly stored. They get cuts and chirps, and this will be a considerable hazard when using it. 


The proper storage solutions will undoubtedly bring order to your home. It also prevents potential code damage and pesky cord tangles. This extends the life of the extension cords. 

If you have pets or kids, these storage techniques will indeed prevent them from playing or chewing the extension cords. Such damage can lead to severe safety risks. 

Another benefit of proper storage is you will know where to find the cord when you want to do a project. 

You won’t struggle to remember where it is stored. In this article, we have highlighted several ways to keep your extension cable for future use. 


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