How To Clean Bonavita Coffee Maker: The Bonavita Coffee Maker Cleaning Process

How To Clean Bonavita Coffee Maker

Most people’s routine is to go to the local coffee shop and get their favorite coffee. However, it has become something of the past due to the cost of taking coffee from a coffee shop. Therefore people prefer buying coffee makers like the Bonavita coffee maker and prepare their coffee at their homes.

One problem with making coffee at home is that most people forget to include basic cleaning in their coffee routine. The research found that the coffee reservoirs are the fifth-germiest places in many homes. When you don’t clean your coffee maker, it will affect your coffee taste and breed unhealthy germs.

The main reason why coffee makers are so germy is because of moisture and warmth. Therefore, one should have a straightforward cleaning routine for your coffee maker. You should do the general cleaning on your coffee maker daily using a little soap and water. Moreover, after a month or so, you should descale your coffee maker using vinegar.

How To Clean Bonavita Coffee Maker

Thee is the daily cleaning and the monthly cleaning. The daily cleaning involves washing the carafe and other removable parts with warm water and soap in the sink. Afterward, you will thoroughly rinse it and set it aside for it to dry. You will then wipe it down with a damp towel, and you will be good to go. The monthly cleaning involves descaling your coffee maker using vinegar.

Descaling Bonavita Coffee Maker

Most people have hard water running from their taps at home. Hard water has more mineral contents as compared to soft water. Therefore when you wash your Bonavita coffee maker daily with hard water, these minerals will build up over time.

When this happens, it will make your coffee taste differently and block holes in your coffee maker. Therefore you must descale your Bonavita coffee maker monthly to remove this build-up. Most people wonder how they can know that it is time to descale their Bonavita coffee maker.

You can find some Bonavita coffee makers with a light indicator to tell you that you should descale your machine. If your Bonavita coffee maker does not have the light indicator, here are some of the signs to tell you it is time to descale.

  • The taste of your coffee may start to be off. You will find that the taste of your coffee is not the same.
  • It will take you longer time than usual to make a cup of coffee.
  • Before the minerals in hard water build-ups, you would be making a full cup of coffee. However, once the minerals build-up, the brewed batch will only make a half cup.
  • You will see extra white chalky granules in your brewed cup.
  • You will also start having an unexpected moldy smell coming from your coffee maker.

How To Descale Your Bonavita Coffee Maker

Descaling your coffee maker at least once a month will help maintain your Bonavita coffee maker. Here are the steps you can use to descale your coffee maker using vinegar and water.

The first thing you will do is to empty any water that is inside your coffee maker. You will start by cleaning the outer area of your coffee maker first. Therefore, first, disassemble any removable parts of your coffee maker and wash them with warm soapy water.

Take a small cleaning brush and deep it in vinegar. You will then use it to clean around your coffee maker base where the reservoir is. You will also use the brush to clean the area where the cup goes.

You should also not forget about the reusable filter. It would help to scrub the reusable filters now and then. You can soak it in a cup of vinegar and use a small brush to clean the fine mesh by loosening the granules.

Once you finish cleaning the exterior parts of your coffee maker, it is now time to focus on the inside. You will first reassemble your coffee maker and then fill it with two cups of water and four cups of vinegar. The next thing to do is run your coffee maker a few times without the filter in place.

What you will be doing is brewing cup after cup of hot vinegar. After your cycle a few cups of vinegar, you will turn off the machine and allow it to sit with the vinegar solution for about an hour. At this point, you will start noticing how dirty your coffee maker was.

After the one hour elapses, turn on the coffee maker again and let the brewing cycle finish. Afterward, you should remove the vinegar solution from your coffee maker and rinse it with water. Run several cups of clean water to remove any trace of vinegar.

Repeat doing this two times while allowing your coffee maker to cool slightly between brews. Once you finish the process, your coffee maker will have a brand new look. You can now test it with fresh grounds and have a great morning with a cup of coffee.

Tips To Help You Maintain Your Bonavita Coffee Maker Effectively

You should know the tips to help you maintain your coffee maker and make it stay clean for long. The following are the things you can try.

  • You should ensure you run an extra cup of water into a mug after brewing cups of cocoa, tea, or a mixture of soups. By doing so, you will be removing any residuals from the filter area and making it clean before the next use.
  • If your Bonavita coffee maker requires regular cleaning, avoid using water from the tap. The tap water is primarily hard. Therefore, it will make minerals build up inside your coffee maker. It would be best to instead use water from in your reservoir other than from the tap.
  • Ensure you wash your carafe with clean soapy water after using it to fill the water reservoir.
  • You should also avoid placing your Bonavita coffee maker on the wet ground after brewing your coffee.  If you leave it on the wet floor, you will be encouraging the growth of molds, yeasts, or bacteria.

The Bonavita Connoisseur Coffee Maker Model

The Bonavita coffee maker has several models, but Connoisseur is the best model. It is more budget-friendly than the other models, and it produces the best coffee. It has a width of 6.80’’, a length of 12.40’’, and a height of 12.20’’.

The Design

Bonavita Connoisseur has a stainless steel look that can brew anything you want. You will find the carafe and the brew basket on the right side of the coffee maker. On the left, there is the water tank. It also has some black trim and parts to make it have a modern look.

Unlike the other models, the brew basket slides in and out of a slot, making it easier to clean the basket. The good thing about Connoisseur is you do not have to brew a whole pot if you only need one cup of coffee. It has a new feature that you can swap out the carafe for a single cup.

The Performance

Bonavita Connoisseur has SCA certification for performance. The performance of Connoisseur will never disappoint you. Despite being cheap, it ensures that it provides you with the best brewing requirements. It has a thermal design that will ensure your coffee stays warm for a long while it is inside the carafe.

Ease Of Use

Having difficulties in preparing your cup of coffee in the morning can sometimes be frustrating. It all comes down to the type of coffee maker that you are using. If you want simplicity, try brewing your coffee with Bonavita Connoisseur.

There is nothing complex with using Connoisseur to brew your coffee. You will pour water into the reservoir and press the start button. You can also add your favorite filters. You will activate the pre-infusion mode by pressing down the on and off switch for about five seconds. It will help remove extra gas from your coffee grounds hence providing you with better taste.

Is There A Substitute For Using Vinegar When Cleaning Your Bonavita Coffee Maker?

Yes, there is. Instead of using vinegar to clean your coffee maker, you can also use baking soda. Even some manufacturers discourage the use of vinegar because the parts of the coffee maker are metallic. If you use baking soda, ensure that you mix a half cup of it with warm water. You can also use denture tablets.

How Often Should You Descale Your Bonavita Coffee Maker?

Descaling helps to remove the mineral build-up hence ensuring the smooth functioning of your coffee maker. Therefore you should ensure you descale your coffee maker at least after using it a hundred times. You should descale it more if you are using hard water more often.


If your morning routine is making coffee, you need to know how to maintain your coffee maker. The best way to preserve your coffee maker is to know how to clean it. Moreover, you should know the difference between daily cleaning and descaling.  You can descale your coffee maker once a month to remove mineral build. However, ensure you clean it with soap and water daily after use.


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