How Do You Reset A Ge Window Air Conditioner?- Reset Steps

How Do You Reset A Ge Window Air Conditioner

How do you reset a Ge Window Air Conditioner? There are several instances when you might need to reset your air conditioner. The procedure is relatively easy.

Ge windows air conditioner units are intuitive. They are easy to operate, and many people love them because they are user-friendly.

Like all air conditioning units, you might need to reset them. This article guides you through the easy reset procedures to help you get your unit running.

These fixes work for most Ge air conditioners. Let’s find out:

How Do You Reset A Ge Window Air Conditioner?

Resetting the units is easy. There are two main reset options:

  1. The factory reset
  2. The configuration reset.

The Factory Reset

The factory reset clears all the settings and preferences. It restores the unit to its original settings.

The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Unit Reboot

A unit reboot is easy. Unplug the unit from the power source. Wait for five minutes and plug it in. The reboot sequence begins, and you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: The Hard Reset

Once the boot sequence ends, you need to do a hard reset. Ge units have a reset button near the power cord connector. On most air conditioners, you can find the button next to the ‘Test Mode’ button.

Push and hold the reset button for five seconds to perform the hard reset.

Step 3: Restart the Unit

Boot the unit and choose your settings and preferences.

The Configuration Reset

The configuration reset works well if you have trouble connecting the conditioner to a network.

Step 1: Reset the unit

Push the reset button on the Ge window air conditioner to reset the unit.

Step 2: Remove the unit from your wireless network

Open the network settings on your phone to see all connected devices.

Locate your Ge window air conditioner in the available devices section. Long press on the conditioner and select ‘Forget this device.’

Close the Settings app and relaunch it. Connect your network to the air conditioner.

The network recognizes your Ge window air conditioner as a new device.

Step 3: Set your preferences

Add your preferences and settings to the device, and you are ready.

When Should You Reset Your Air Conditioner?

You should reset your unit if you start getting error codes. A reset clears most of the error messages. 

You should also reset the conditioner if you want to connect it to a different network. The reset ensures that the unit doesn’t automatically connect to the old network.


How do you reset a Ge Window air conditioner? There are many reset options for these units. The reset procedures are easy and work well. 

A factory reset fixes most bugs and errors and is the most effective way of fixing simple errors. The article guides you through the procedures.

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