How Big Is A 1200 Square-Foot House?- Size And Perspective

How Big Is A 1200 Square-Foot House

How big is a 1200 Square-foot house? For non-custom houses, there are certain size standards that many architects use. Many houses bare similar designs and templates.

Housing sizes vary depending on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Standard housing templates are great as they save time and resources. 

Housing size depends on the land available. Many people build large houses if they have larger lots of land.

The 1200-square-foot template is popular in many suburbs. These houses account for a significant proportion of many homes in the United States. But just how large are they? Let’s find out:

How Big is a 1200 Square-Foot House?

A 1200 square-foot house is large enough to accommodate 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. To put things into perspective, the average US home size is 1600 square feet. 

A 1200-square-foot house is, therefore, smaller than the average. It is perfect for small families. These houses sit on approximately 0.02755 acres of land.

How Many People Can Live In A 1200 Square-Foot House?

The answer depends on many factors. A 1200 Square-foot house is not exactly suited for large families. It can comfortably accommodate two people and is okay for up to four occupants.

The demographic for the house is small families, i.e., one or two children. Any more members and the living space quickly get congested.

There are, however, some mods you can make. A large basement could come in handy. It is easy to convert basements into living spaces.

A 1200-square foot is the average house size in a working-class neighborhood. The houses are less common in affluent neighborhoods. 

How Much Would A 1200 Square-Foot House Cost In 2022?

Building or buying a house is a critical step in building wealth. The value of houses has risen by 20% in the last two years. 

But how much would it cost to build a 1200-square-foot house? The prices vary depending on your state.

If we forgo the land prices and focus solely on construction costs, we look at an average of 120,000 to 240,000 dollars. Note that these values are based solely on the house sizes.

If we look at it based on the number of rooms, a 3-bedroom house will set you back 248,000 to 300,000 dollars.

The taxes you pay on the house vary depending on your state. Some states have high taxes on residential properties. 

A lower valuation would translate to lower taxes. The mortgage payments also vary depending on the state and your financer.


How big is a 1200-square-foot house? The 1200 square foot house is on the smaller size of houses, considering the medium home size is 1600 square feet. It accommodates 3 bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms. These houses are common in the suburbs. They are best suited for small families.

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