Where Do They Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? Top Retailers Revealed!

Where Do They Sell Benjamin Moore Paint

Benjamin Moore paint is sold at authorized retailers and on their official website. Many local independent stores also carry their products.

Benjamin Moore is a respected brand in the painting industry, known for its premium quality paints that have adorned homes and businesses for over a century. Their extensive collection ranges from vibrant colors and durable finishes to environmentally friendly options.

Consumers often turn to Benjamin Moore when seeking high-performance paint for both interior and exterior projects. With a dedicated network of suppliers, Benjamin Moore ensures that customers can find their products without hassle. The company’s focus on creating rich, lasting colors and innovative products has solidified its reputation as a go-to resource for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. Customers value the consistent quality and dependability that Benjamin Moore provides, which is why their distribution is carefully curated to meet global painting needs.

Introduction To Benjamin Moore’s Paint

Welcome to the world of Benjamin Moore Paint – a haven for those who value aesthetics and quality in their painting projects. This post delves into where to purchase these premium paints and what makes them stand out.

The Brand’s Legacy

Benjamin Moore, founded in 1883, has stood the test of time, offering an unmatched legacy of paint excellence. With more than a century in business, Benjamin Moore has become a symbol of trust for homeowners and contractors alike.

Quality And Variety

Quality is the cornerstone of Benjamin Moore. Each can of paint is an amalgamation of rich pigments and resilient binders, ensuring long-lasting finishes and vibrant colors. Additionally, the extensive color palette and variety meet every need and style, from bold hues to classic neutrals.

  • Regal® Select: Perfect for walls and ceilings, with easy application and durable finish.
  • Aura®: High-performance paint with remarkable coverage and color depth.
  • Ben®: A budget-friendly option that still offers quality results.

Local Stores Carrying Benjamin Moore Products

Finding Benjamin Moore’s paint can be a breeze. Many local stores offer a wide range of high-quality products. You get to choose from a vibrant palette of colors. These stores stand ready to help you transform any space. Let’s explore which local stores stock this trusted brand.

Authorized Dealers

Authorized Benjamin Moore dealers specialize in offering the full line-up. They have premium paints and stains. Here’s what they offer:

  • Expert color advice
  • Exclusive collections
  • Color matching services

These dealers have trained staff. They ensure you pick the perfect shade. Find one using the Benjamin Moore store locator online.

Local Hardware Shops

Many local hardware shops stock Benjamin Moore paints. They provide convenience and personalized service. Here’s why they’re great:

  • Convenient locations
  • Community-centered service
  • Often carry other painting supplies

These shops can give you hands-on help. They often host DIY workshops. Check your nearest hardware store for availability.

Big-box Retailers And Benjamin Moore Paint

Big-Box Retailers and Benjamin Moore Paint: Shoppers often turn to big-box stores for their paint needs. Many assume that these large retailers carry all major paint brands. Benjamin Moore, a standout name in paint, has a unique approach to retail.

Nationwide Chains Offering The Brand

Benjamin Moore maintains an exclusive retail strategy. You won’t find Benjamin Moore paints in every big-box store. This brand partners selectively with independently owned stores and smaller retail chains. Ace Hardware stands out as a nationwide chain that sells Benjamin Moore paints. Use the store locator on the Benjamin Moore website to find local retailers carrying their collections.

  • Ace Hardware: Features a mix of Benjamin Moore options.
  • Check for authorized Benjamin Moore dealers in your area.

Online Availability

In the digital age, online shopping offers convenience. Benjamin Moore understands this. They make their paints available online through their official website. Selected online retailers also carry Benjamin Moore paints.

Online Store Available Collections
Benjamin Moore Website Full range of colors and finishes.
Partner Retail Websites Selected product lines.
Where Do They Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? Top Retailers Revealed!

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Exclusive Benjamin Moore Stores

Seeking the perfect hue for your space? Exclusive Benjamin Moore Stores offer a unique paint shopping experience. Esteemed for their premium paints, these specialty shops provide a comprehensive selection and knowledgeable staff.

Dedicated Brand Outlets

Benjamin Moore’s legacy shines in its Dedicated Brand Outlets. Each store showcases a wide palette of colors and finishes. Clients benefit from professional advice and personalized service.

  • Vast selection of Benjamin Moore paints
  • Color consultation from experts
  • Custom color-matching services
  • Quality brushes, rollers, and tools

Experience Centers Explained

At Experience Centers, immerse in a world of color. These centers are designed to inspire and educate customers. They feature interactive displays and color swatches.

Features Benefits
Interactive Displays Visualize colors in different settings
Large Color Swatches See true hues with ease
Workshops Learn painting techniques

Shopping Online For Benjamin Moore Paint

Are you ready to paint your space with Benjamin Moore’s vibrant colors? Now, you can find your perfect shade right from home. Online shopping for Benjamin Moore Paint makes it easy and convenient to pick your palette.

Official Website Purchases

Start at the source! Benjamin Moore’s official website is the best place to browse all their products. It offers:

  • Full-color range: Access every color available.
  • Color samples: Test before you commit to a hue.
  • Free shipping: Delivered directly to your door.

Shopping features like color finders and visualizers are there to help. The official website is a guide to finding your ideal match.

Third-party E-commerce Platforms

Benjamin Moore paints are also available on popular e-commerce sites. Here, you can:

  • Compare prices: Find the best deal for your budget.
  • Read reviews: See what others say about the paint.
  • Enjoy deals: Take advantage of online sales and discounts.

Remember to verify the seller when shopping on third-party platforms. This ensures you receive authentic Benjamin Moore paints.

Embrace the convenience of online shopping. Your dream color is just a click away. Get ready to transform your home!


Where Do They Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? Top Retailers Revealed!

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Tips For Finding Benjamin Moore Retailers Near You

Discovering where to buy Benjamin Moore paint is easy with the right tips. Use these strategies to find retailers quickly and efficiently.

Store Locator Tools

Benjamin Moore’s website offers a convenient store locator tool. Simply enter your zip code, and it will list nearby shops. Look for the ‘Authorized Retailer’ badge to ensure authentic products.

  • Go to the official Benjamin Moore website.
  • Locate the ‘Find Your Store’ feature.
  • Input your address or zip code.
  • Browse through the list of local retailers.

Community Recommendations

Local forums and social media groups can be rich sources for recommendations. Real customers often share their experiences. Look for posts about paint quality, customer service, and location convenience.

  1. Join local community groups on social media.
  2. Ask members for their preferred stores.
  3. Read reviews and ask for personal anecdotes.
  4. Shortlist the most recommended retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions On Where Do They Sell Benjamin Moore Paint

Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

No, Home Depot does not stock Benjamin Moore paint. They offer other brands, such as Behr and Glidden.

Can Lowes Do Benjamin Moore Colors?

No, Lowe’s does not mix Benjamin Moore’s colors. They have their brands, such as Valspar and Sherwin-Williams, with distinct color options.

Can You Buy Benjamin Moore Paint At Sherwin Williams?

No, Benjamin Moore paint is not available at Sherwin-Williams stores. They carry their brands and products.

Which Is Cheaper Sherwin Williams Or Benjamin Moore?

Sherwin-Will’s paint tends to be slightly cheaper than Benjamin Moore’s. However, prices can vary based on specific product lines and regional differences.


As we wrap up, remember that Benjamin Moore’s paintings offer unmatched quality. You can find them at authorized retailers, boutiques, and specialized hardware stores. For convenience and expert advice, visiting one of these sellers is your best bet. Embark on your painting adventure with confidence, knowing you’ve chosen a premium product.

Happy painting!


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