What Do You Put In A Toaster? Understanding Your Kitchen Appliances

What Do You Put In A Toaster

The kitchen appliance market is awash with a wide range of options. But one thing defines all of them. They are there to make cooking and other kitchen duties a breeze. 

Each kitchen appliance has a specific use. And failure to use an appliance the right way can result in damage. It hurts to buy the same appliance twice within a short period or spend extra cash to fix a damaged appliance. 

The fact that you won’t have the appliance around for a while is enough to make anyone feel hurt. Then there’s the pain of spending extra cash to repair it. 

Toasters are a must-have in the kitchen. They make breakfast preparation quick and effortless. But here’s a question regarding this kitchen appliance.

What do you put in a toaster? 

You put bread in a toaster. You can put sliced bread of different shapes in a toaster to make toast. The toaster is an electrical kitchen appliance that uses radiant heat to turn bread brown (toast). 

Keep reading for more information on this topic. 

How Do You Use A Toaster

The toaster is one of the most straightforward kitchen appliances to use. Looking to have a quick crunchy breakfast, then the toaster is your go-to kitchen appliance. Here is how to use a toaster.

Use the toaster slots:

There are two toaster slots. Put a slice of bread in each slot or a slice in one slot. You don’t have to use the two slots at the same time. Also, there is no rule for what part of the bread slice faces what part of the toaster. 

Set the Adjustment knob:

The adjustment is on the toaster so that you can determine how dark you want your toast. Some people prefer their toast light brown; others prefer it dark. The adjustment knob in front of the toaster allows you to eat your bread the way you like. 

On many toasters, the dial is from 1-5, with one as the lightest and five as the darkest. While on other toasters, the dial may read as light, medium and dark. 

Whatever your toaster’s dial reads, it is always best to leave the adjustment knob in the middle when you make your toast. Especially when you’re not familiar with how the toaster works, you can always re-toast if the bread isn’t dark enough for you. 

Start toasting:

There is a lever on your toaster. You can’t miss it. When you put in your sliced bread and set the adjustment knobs to the level that would work best for you, you can push the lever down. 

The automatic upward movement of the lever indicates when your toast is ready. Toasters have built-in timers that automatically push the lever back up and pop the bread out when prepared. 

The whole process takes between 1-2 minutes, which is why toasts are a comfortable breakfast option for most people. 

You may still have to keep an eye on your toast even though it pops out on its own when it’s ready. Try to be around your toaster when you’re making toast. 

Would you please not leave your toast unmonitored? So that in case it starts burning before the lever automatically goes up, you can manually push the lever up. 

Make sure you hold the top part of your roaster down as you manually push your level up. Your toaster is a small appliance, so manually moving your lever is uncomplicated. It should take a few seconds to make this happen. Use the manual process only when your toast is burning. 

Remove your toast:

Many toasters make a sound when the lever automatically goes up. When your toast is ready and it has popped up, please remove it from the toaster with your hands or a wooden utensil. Don’t use a metal utensil to remove your toast from a toaster. Electrocution isn’t fun! 

Remember to use a spread of your choosing on your toast before you eat. 

Is Bread The Only Thing You Can Put In A Toaster? 

Although the toaster is mainly for bread, people put other things in the toaster—bagels, waffles, etc. Toasters are not the most versatile kitchen appliances, but they have become more versatile than many years ago, especially with the introduction of toaster bags. 

You can now use your toaster for things with meat, cheese or vegetables in it without running the risk of setting your home on fire, messing your kitchen up or destroying your toaster.

What Other Things Can You Make With A Toaster Asides Toast? 

You can make many things with your toaster with or without your toast bag. But always make sure to have a toaster bag if you’re going to be stretching your toaster’s versatility. Here are a few things you can use your toaster for other than darkening bread and bagel:

Garlic Bread:

Garlic bread is not your regular toast. To make this successful without making a huge mess, you would need to use a toaster bag. 

Spread butter or olive oil on your sliced Italian bread, then sprinkle or apply either garlic powder or pieces of garlic. Take it up a notch by adding a small amount of cheese. Then toast. 

Veggie Burgers:

You may make a veggie burger with your toaster without a toaster bag. The toaster has fewer chances of turning your toaster into a messy site and causing a fire incident. If you’re going outside, making regular toast with your toaster veggie burgers are the easiest things to make. 

Clean your toaster thoroughly after making veggie burgers and after using it generally. 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich:

Put together your perfect grilled cheese sandwich combination and put it in a toaster bag. Let it stay for a few minutes then you’re ready to have your hot grilled cheese sandwich. 

Reheated Pizza:

You probably think of the microwave first when you want to reheat your pizza. But if you want your pizza to be as yummy as it was when it was still hot, you may wish to throw it into a toaster bag and toast it. Thank me later! 

How Often Should You Clean Your Toaster? 

How you clean and how often you clean your toaster mainly depends on how often you use it. Some people clean it as soon as they are through with it. 

If you use your toaster every day and you can’t clean it immediately after use, then you should clean it at least once every week. 

Suppose you use it occasionally. It would help if you made time to clean every few weeks to keep it in the proper working condition for the next time you want to make toast. 

How Do You Clean The Inside Part Of Your Toaster? 

Here is how to keep the inside of your toaster clean:

  • Make sure your toaster is not connected to the power source before you start any form of cleaning. You must disconnect it and allow it to cool off. 
  • Turn the toaster upside down. That is, let the open end face the ground or your trash can and shake out hidden food particles. 
  • With care, pull out your toast tray from the toaster and shake it too. Let the food particles/crumbs fall out. 
  • Put the tray in your sink filled with water, then add a drop of dishwashing powder or liquid. 
  • Leave the tray to soak for a few minutes. 
  • While waiting for the tray to soak, take a large pastry or paintbrush. Use the brush to clean inside the toaster. Start from the top to the bottom. 
  • Wash the tray with a cloth, and then allow it to dry up before you put it back inside the toaster. 

How Do You Clean Outside Your Toaster? 

Cleaning the outside of your toaster is an easy activity. The only exception is when you have left your toaster for a long time without use or cleaning. Even then, it isn’t particularly time-consuming to clean. 

To clean the outer part of your toaster, you need a small quantity of soap and water to wipe the body of the appliance. Use a more effective cleaning agent for toasters that you haven’t cleaned or used in a while. 

How Do You Remove Brown Stains From Your Toaster 

Brown stains on toasters aren’t a surprise to anyone because the appliance is for making bread brown. The outer part of your toaster may have a stubborn brown stain or some messy stain that has made up its mind to stay. Here is how to get these stains off without any hassles:

  • Dip a clean washcloth in soapy water and rinse. 
  • Use the wet washcloth to wipe the toaster down. 
  • Let the toaster stay for a few minutes to absorb the water from the wet cloth. 
  • Use a separate wet washcloth to clean off the soap from the body of the toaster. 

Most of the stains should clean out after this process but if it doesn’t, follow up with the following steps:

  • Dip a small brush, preferably a toothbrush, in baking soda and Scrub those stubborn stains one after the other until they disappear. 
  • Wipe the toaster with a clean wet washcloth. 
  • Then wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. 


Toasters may not be the most versatile kitchen appliances, but it is a valuable kitchen appliance. And with people trying out new things and with the help of toaster bags, the toaster is doing more than it used to. 


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