Standard Bedroom Window Size: The Perfect Home

Standard Bedroom Window Size

It’s so comforting to sit inside your bedroom and enjoy the great view with warm, beautiful sunlight shining through the window.  The windows bring the outdoors in, plus help you interact with your exterior safely and securely.

House windows come in different materials, styles, shapes and dimensions. When shopping for them, you’ll realize that some of them are consistent in size.

It’s because many manufacturers do offer windows with standard sizes. They have been designed to fit in almost all the common window opening spaces in homes.

They might not work for all replacements, but manufacturers try to produce a window to fit several homes. So let’s find out about it.

Standard Bedroom Window Size

The most common or standard bedroom window size is 24 by 36. The manufacturers use the basic notations to help you know the size of the window.

The notation is the height and width.  The manufacturer’s common window dimensions or sizes for standard, fixed, and double-hung windows vary. 

Window Designs For Your Home

The windows are an important part of a building. They allow natural air and light inside the building. However, its style and design add an aesthetic value to the house.

There has been a massive change in architecture over the centuries. The windows have come from classic Victorian to modern designs.

Regardless their functions have remained the same. That’s lighting and enhancing the exteriors. There are several window designs and types available.

All you need to do is have a budget, style and know your needs. This will help you to select the right window. Here are some of the most common window designs today.

Casement Windows

This design is wide and long. The window uses a crank to open or close. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

It’s because they are easy to customize, clean and offer great natural ventilation. It’s the perfect design for a modern home situated in hot climates.

The casement windows do open inwards. Meaning you can angle it to direct the natural breeze into the house. Many people love this design because it is easy to maintain, operate and also energy efficient.

However, it does have some cons that you need to know about. The design cannot use storm screens or windows. It cannot function properly with the central air conditioning.

Awning Windows

It does have some similar features to the casement windows. The most notable difference is that they do have hinges on the top.

The awning design does open outward. This facilitates the entry of natural light and enough air.  It is the best pick for places that are confined, like the bathroom and kitchen.

The great thing about the awning windows is that you can install them on higher walls. They will offer you maximum ventilation without allowing in rainwater.

The design is perfect for damp climates and can act as a replacement for other window designs. The downside of this design is that it’s not great for emergencies and easily gets dirty.  Meaning you’ll have to clean it frequently.

Picture Window

Suppose you want to replace the opaque windows or walls with a glass window that you can see through. Then the picture window is the perfect choice for you.

Commonly picture windows are used in combination with other windows. The combination does offer an attractive aesthetic.

The best place to fit the picture window is where it will guarantee you the greatest outside view. In addition to the expansive view of the environment, the window also brings in natural light.

However, you should note that this window design is stationary. Meaning you can’t open it for ventilation. Have this in mind before selecting the design.

The good thing about the picture window is that it does not have any replacement cost. It is because it has no mechanical parts. This makes it low maintenance and is only meant to allow heat and natural light in the house.

Some of its cons are is that the house can be quite hot during the summers since it allows in the heat but does not offer proper ventilation. It’s also not that secure.

Single-Hung And Double-Hung Windows

They are certainly the perfect replacement windows. They are so practical and simple. The most notable difference between these windows and others is the number of operable sashes.

They slide both downwards and upwards to offer ventilation. They offer efficiency in terms of energy and functionality.

The double-hung windows are easy to access and clean. It offers perfect ventilation and is energy efficient.

The great thing is that they are available in almost all styles, varieties, materials, and colours, plus they can function with window AC.

On the contrary, the double-hung windows are quite expensive and require maintenance regularly. They are also not that airtight.

On the other side, the single hung windows are quite affordable. You won’t spend a lot of dollars during its installation because it’s so easy to install. It also has fewer sliding issues.

On the downside, the single hung window comes in one size. That’s a small size, and it allows less circulation of air.

Bow Or Bay Windows

The bow windows do make your room feel larger. At first look at the window, you’ll certainly notice differences in shape and length.

The design of bay windows is unique. It’s usually made up of three windows that have different sizes. This makes the window appear round from the outside part of the building.

In addition, the bow window has six windows that have the same shape and size. They are the perfect choice for a small space.

It’s best to install it on the exterior wall of a building. Most people combine the bow windows with casement, sliders and picture windows.

With the right material, then you’ll certainly have made a perfect investment. The bow window offers an enhanced view and brings in a lot of natural air and light.

It also adds the property some value and creates extra space. You can also get it in various styles. However, this design is difficult to replace, plus its maintenance and repair cost is high.

Slider Windows

I’m certain the name has given you a heads up on how the window looks and functions. The slider windows do slide vertically or horizontally.

This allows it to bring in enough fresh air and natural light. Its width is wider than the height. It is great for compact spaces.

The great thing about slider windows is they are durable and easy to use. You can find them in various sizes.

They are cost-effective, with low maintenance cost and easy to clean. On the contrary, they need regular cleaning and are prone to air leaks.

How To Select The Perfect Exterior Window Style

In case you are thinking about changing your windows or need windows for your next home. Here are some useful tips that will help you find the perfect exterior window style for your home.

The Purpose Of The Window

The main functions of the window are to allow in fresh air and light. But some do serve the purpose of a doorway.

For example, the sliding glass window can be used to access a porch. You can also fix the windows for aesthetics.

So before selecting a window style, you should know the functions it’s going to perform. That’s if it’s for light, air or ornamental.

Homes Architectural Design

The window you choose should certainly match your home architectural design. I know that all homes do have a specific architectural design style. This makes them unique.

Therefore when selecting a window style, ensure it does match the design.  Be it a contemporary or modern home that has a ceiling to a traditional one.

Stick to the architectural style of your home. It’ll make everything look perfect.

Window Frame Color

Selecting the paint colour of the exterior palette can be tricky. However, you can do checks online or even look at the neighbouring homes for inspiration.

You will be able to learn about common colours. However, I would advise that you use the same home colour on your window frames.

It Should Appeal To Your Interiors

Too many are the exterior that matters. However, you should note that the window can also create a great experience inside your home.

For example, you can choose a window that lets in light to the bathroom. It should, however, be placed at an angle that prevents viewing from the outside.


Many manufacturers do make standard windows that can fit in almost all houses. Getting standard windows is not tricky because they are so available.

But in case you do not find a standard window that fits perfectly into the opening of your bedroom, you have two options.

The first thing you can do is adjust the size of the rough opening of your bedroom. The good thing is that making adjustments isn’t always that hard.

The second option is by ordering a custom window from popular suppliers like Home Depot and Lowe.  It would be best if you gave the measurement, and they look for a company that can complete your order.

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