How to Roll Up a Mattress: Simple Steps & Savvy Tips

How to Roll Up a Mattress

To roll up a mattress, remove all bedding and then compress the mattress using your body weight. Securely fasten it with straps or rope to maintain its rolled shape.

Rolling up a mattress can be necessary when moving or saving space in storage. It’s a straightforward process involving preparation and careful execution. Start by stripping the mattress of sheets and blankets, and if the mattress has a memory foam or latex component, allow it to lie flat for a few hours to lose any persistent indentation from sleep.

Using your body, begin the roll at one end, evenly and tightly pushing against the mattress to expel air and reduce its volume. Once fully rolled, it’s essential to use strong straps or rope to keep the mattress from unrolling. This method is not suited for innerspring mattresses as it can damage the coils. Proper rolling ensures easy transport and helps to preserve the mattress’s structural integrity, ensuring comfort upon unrolling.

Why Roll Up Your Mattress

Mattresses can be bulky. Rolling them up makes the move easier. It also frees up space. This trick is handy. Both for storage and moving. Let’s explore the benefits in detail.

Space-saving Benefits

Saving space is crucial. Especially in smaller homes or apartments. When not in use, beds take up room. Rolling up your mattress creates more living space. It is beneficial for:

  • Cleaning days
  • Guests visiting
  • Reorganizing rooms

Rolling the mattress frees up floor area. This makes other activities possible.

Ease Of Transport For Movers

Moving houses can be a hassle. Bulky mattresses are tough to handle. A rolled-up mattress fits easily in vehicles. It is much lighter to carry. Benefits for movers include:

  1. Less space used in moving trucks
  2. Lower risk of damage during transport
  3. Quick and easy loading and unloading

Rolling your mattress simplifies the moving process. It offers a practical solution for movers.

Choosing The Right Mattress Type

Before considering rolling up a mattress, it’s crucial to select the appropriate type. Not all mattresses are suitable for rolling. Rolling the wrong type can damage it. Understanding which mattresses are roll-friendly is key. This guide helps identify which ones to choose and which to avoid for this purpose.

Suitable Mattresses For Rolling

Memory Foam, Latex, and Hybrid mattresses often suit rolling. Their flexibility allows them to be compressed and rolled without damage. Here is a list of mattress types that can be easily rolled:

  • Memory Foam: Comprises layers of foam that can be compressed.
  • Latex: Made from rubber materials, which offer elasticity.
  • Hybrid: Combines foam with springs, making them versatile.

For those on the move or requiring space-saving solutions, these are ideal. However, double-check with the manufacturer. Confirm that rolling won’t void any warranty.

Mattresses To Avoid

Conversely, certain mattresses resist rolling. Here’s a list to consider:

Mattress Type Reason to Avoid
Innerspring: Metal coils can get damaged when rolled.
Traditional Foam: Less flexible, might crack or tear.
Airbeds: Rolling can cause leaks and punctures.
Waterbeds: Impossible to roll without draining completely.

Avoid rolling these types to maintain their structure and integrity. If unsure, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer.

Preparation For Rolling A Mattress

Before you can roll up your mattress for storage or transport, proper preparation is key. This process will ensure that your mattress is protected and makes the task much easier. Follow these essential steps to prep your mattress for rolling.

Clearing The Area

First things first, you need a spacious and clean area. This space must be larger than the mattress. Clear away furniture and breakables to avoid accidents. Ensure the floor is clean to prevent stains on the mattress fabric.

Gathering Necessary Supplies

Next, equip yourself with the right tools for the job:

  • Durable straps – To secure the rolled mattress.
  • Plastic mattress bag – To protect it from moisture and dirt.
  • Tape – A strong packing tape to seal the bag.
How to Roll Up a Mattress: Simple Steps & Savvy Tips


Step-by-step Guide To Rolling A Mattress

Moving? Saving space? Or perhaps you’re gearing up for a camping trip? Whatever the reason, rolling up a mattress correctly is crucial to maintain its integrity and comfort. Follow this step-by-step guide and learn how to roll your mattress like a pro.

Starting With Flat Placement

First, remove all bedding and place the mattress on a clean, flat surface. Ensure no sharp objects are around to avoid damage. Consider using a protective tarp if you’re on an abrasive surface.

Folding Techniques

  1. Press down firmly to expel air.
  2. Fold the mattress in half lengthwise, keeping the edges aligned.
  3. Roll tightly from one end, pressing out any trapped air as you go.

Securing The Roll

Once fully rolled, secure your mattress to avoid unrolling. Use straps or cords to tie it up neatly.

Strap Placement: One near the top, one in the middle, and one near the bottom.
Tightness: Make sure they’re snug, but not too tight to squish the mattress.

Voila! You’re set. Your mattress is now compact and ready for transport or storage.

Maintaining Mattress Integrity

Packing and storing a mattress requires careful attention. Preserving its shape and condition is essential. Learn how to roll up your mattress without harming it. Follow these steps to maintain mattress integrity.

Avoiding Damage During Rolling

Rolling a mattress can cause serious damage if not done correctly. It’s crucial to know the proper technique. A wrong move can bend coils or damage foam. Protect your mattress with these pointers:

  • Check the mattress type: Not all mattresses are suitable for rolling. Consult the manufacturer or manual before proceeding.
  • Remove bedding: Strip the mattress of all sheets and covers.
  • Use mattress bags: Encase your mattress in a protective plastic bag to prevent dirt and damage.
  • Roll evenly: Start from one end and gently roll towards the other. Keep the pressure even to avoid deformities.
  • Secure with straps: Once rolled, use straps to hold the shape without over-tightening.

Tips For Long-term Storage

Storing your mattress for an extended period? It’s crucial to keep it dry and well-ventilated. Follow these recommendations:

Tip Explanation
Climate Control Use a climate-controlled storage unit to protect against moisture and heat.
Elevate Off Floor Place the mattress on pallets or a platform to prevent moisture absorption.
Avoid Stacking Heavy items on top can cause the mattress to lose shape over time.
Use a Cover Keep the mattress in a breathable cover to protect against dust and pests.
Reposition Periodically Changing the mattress’s position can prevent permanent indentations.

Regular checks on your stored mattress can signal any need for adjustments. Keep it in the best shape for a great night’s sleep, even after storage.

How to Roll Up a Mattress: Simple Steps & Savvy Tips


Unrolling And Restoring The Mattress

Have you ever faced the challenge of unrolling and restoring a mattress after it’s been squeezed into a box? It may seem daunting, but with the right steps, you’ll have your mattress ready for a good night’s sleep in no time. Let’s dive into the process!

Steps For Safe Unrolling

  1. Find a Spacious Area: Ensure ample space to roll out your mattress.
  2. Remove the Packaging Carefully: Cut the plastic wrap without damaging the mattress.
  3. Unroll Gently: Lay the mattress flat and allow it to unroll itself.
  4. Let It Breathe: Wait a few minutes for it to regain its original shape.

Ensuring Full Mattress Expansion

  • Avoid Heavy Objects: Don’t place anything on top during expansion.
  • Temperature Matters: Warm rooms can speed up the expansion.
  • Time is Key: Allow up to 48 hours for complete expansion.
  • Check Corners: Ensure corners are fully expanded.
How to Roll Up a Mattress: Simple Steps & Savvy Tips


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Roll Up A Mattress

Is It Possible To Roll Up A Mattress?

Yes, you can roll up a mattress, particularly those designed for bed-in-a-box delivery. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses are often suitable for compression and rolling, but traditional innerspring mattresses are not. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before attempting.

How Do You Roll Up A Mattress For Storage?

To roll up a mattress for storage, first remove all bedding, then securely fasten a mattress bag around the bed. Deflate if it’s air-filled, or apply even pressure to roll tightly from one end. Secure the roll with straps to maintain its shape.

Store in a cool, dry place.

How Do You Roll Up A Thick Mattress?

To roll up a thick mattress, start by stripping the bed and vacuuming the mattress. Firmly fold the mattress in half or thirds, secure it with straps, and then gently roll from one end to the other. Always handle with care to avoid damage.

Can All Mattresses Be Rolled Up?

Not all mattresses can be rolled up. Traditional innerspring mattresses typically don’t offer the roll-up feature, while many memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses are rollable. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before attempting to roll your mattress.


Rolling up your mattress can be straightforward with the right technique. Remember the tips shared to protect its integrity. Whether for storage or transport, you now have the know-how for compact mattress handling. Visit our blog for more practical home advice.

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