How Much Does A Toilet Weigh?- Average Toilet Mass

How Much Does A Toilet Weigh

How much does a toilet weigh? The exact weight varies depending on how many additional features a toilet has.

Unless you have an occupation that requires you to know the weight of a toilet, it’s not something you would normally think about.

But, how much does a typical toilet weigh? There are quite a few different variables regarding the weight of a toilet. Knowing the weight could help you organize transportation when installing a new toilet. So, 

How Much Does A Toilet Weigh?

The average toilet weight is 100 pounds. Lighter toilets can weigh as little as 70 pounds. Heavier toilets weigh 115 pounds. Single-piece toilets generally have higher net weights. The size of the toilet determines the weight. Smart toilets have to accommodate additional features, generally weighing more than other toilets. A heavy toilet doesn’t necessarily reflect the build quality.

What Determines A Toilet’s Weight?

Toilet weights vary depending on many factors. Some toilets are way heavier than others. But what determines a toilet’s weight?

1. Is it a single piece or a two-piece?

A single-piece toilet weighs more on average than a two-piece toilet. A single-piece toilet has its tank as part of the unit. The tank adds extra weight to the toilet.

Two-piece toilets are lighter because you only get the bowl. You must buy the tank separately and connect the tank and bowl with the appropriate pipe. It adds to the overall weight. 

2. The build materials

Most modern toilets are made of porcelain. The material is great as it is largely unreactive and reasonably durable. The thickness of the porcelain varies depending on your model. Thicker porcelain is heavier.

Institutions like prisons use metallic toilets. They are thick stainless-steel units that weigh more than your average resources.

3. Toilet design

The toilet design determines its weight. There are special toilets that get designed to offer the user comfort. These toilets have unique accommodations that make them heavier than your average toilet.

Wall-hung toilets are lighter than other toilets. These toilets have unique overhead tank systems that connect to the bowl.

Portable toilets are the lightest. These are special toilets people use in outdoor events. They are easy to set up and don’t weigh much.

4. Toilet Size

Size is an obvious weight determiner. Smaller and compact toilets are lighter than large toilets. The tank size matters too in one-piece units. A larger tank means the toilet would be heavier than a unit with a small tank.

The toilet bowl volume determines the overall weight.


How much does a toilet weigh? The weight of a toilet is between 70 pounds and 115 pounds. There are many toilet designs and materials. Standard porcelain toilets have an average weight of 100 pounds. One-piece toilets are heavier as their tanks get built into the same unit.  

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