Find Out How Long To Preheat Oven To 375

Find Out How Long To Preheat Oven To 375

Preheating an oven is one of the simplest but tricky things bakers do before they start baking. It won’t make a massive difference in your baking, but would ensure you’re baking at the correct temperature.   

So, preheating is all about setting your oven to the right temperature before you throw anything into the unit. It ensures the food starts cooking at the right time and helps to minimize your cooking time. 

So, are you trying out a baked dish and wondering how long it’ll take to preheat your oven? Look no further! This article gives you the guidance you need to preheat your oven correctly. 

How long to preheat oven to 375

It takes about 12 to 15 minutes to preheat an oven to 375. However, the time depends on the oven type. Newer oven models take less time than older ones.

Some ovens can take up to 15 to 20 minutes to preheat. Anything above that may be a result of a malfunction in the temperature sensor or oven thermometer.

Place an oven thermometer on your oven’s middle rack to determine how long you must preheat your oven. Then, set the oven temperature to 400. Set the time to fifteen minutes using an oven timer and note how long it takes to preheat to the set temperature.

Do you want to know more about oven preheating? Keep reading!

How To Know When The Oven Preheats To Desired Temperature

Knowing when your oven preheats to the desired temperature depends on several factors, such as oven type. If it has digital controls, you’ll see your oven temperature on the small screen. When the temperature matches the one you set, you can put your batter into the oven.

In some ovens, you’ll see the light come on when you preheat them. The light is usually close to the temperature dial. You may even hear a beep for some. Other ovens turn off their thermostat light when preheated.

Old gas ovens that don’t have electric screens usually shut off the gas when preheated.

Bear in mind that ovens run through cycles. Such that they go on and off to maintain the temperature indicated as average. That allows them to go through a series of slightly higher and lower temperatures.

If you wait a while after the oven goes off when preheated, it’ll come on again.

Additionally, if you preheat your oven for longer than required, it won’t change your results. That’s because the continuous on and off oven cycles ensure it maintains the average or set temperature. But it’s better not to waste energy.

Factors That Affect Oven Preheat Time

Several factors can affect your oven preheat time. Some of them include:


If you install your range on a lower voltage, it’ll take much longer to preheat than when it’s on a higher voltage.

For instance, an oven model built to run on 240 volts will take longer to preheat when it runs on 210 volts. It may add up to 10 minutes to the regular oven preheat time.

Oven age: 

A newer oven model will preheat faster than an older one. Newer ovens have features for fast preheat and good insulation that helps them conserve temperature well. You may need extra preheating if you don’t put your food into the oven when it finishes preheating. 

You’re likely to save some energy when you do all your baking at a go. That means you can bake everything while preheating only once instead of different times a day.

Oven racks: 

When you have empty oven racks, they add to the preheat time. It’s best to remove extra ones before preheating your oven. Each free oven rack can add about 30 seconds to the preheat time.

Type of dish: 

The dish type can also determine the preheat time. For instance, a sizable chicken that’s almost defrosted takes more preheat time than cookies.

Room temperature: 

The room temperature determines the preheat time of your oven. When the temperature is low, it will take a longer time than when it’s hot.

Constant opening of the oven door: 

Try not to open the oven door constantly when preheating. When you do so, the temperature drops and the oven will have to preheat for a longer time. 

The only time you should open the oven door is once your oven reaches the set temperature. And that is to place the food into it. 

Oven cavity size: 

If your oven has a small cavity, it will preheat quickly compared to a large one. 

How To Preheat Various Oven Types

Electric oven: 

To preheat an electric oven, first open the range to remove anything inside. You may need to remove extra racks that won’t be useful during the process. That can reduce a little time from your preheating time.

Next, ensure the rack you’ll use is in the correct position. Some recipes may require you to place the rack lower or higher in the oven. But most often, it’s set in the middle. Ensure it lies on the narrow ledges at the side of the oven walls.

Now that you’ve put the oven in place, please turn it on. Then, ensure you set it to the right temperature according to your recipe. To do this, press the dial down and then turn it to the mark with the right temperature. Some older ovens have just on and off buttons.

After that, let the oven preheat to the set temperature. Some ranges have tiny screens where you can see their current temperature. But don’t worry if yours doesn’t; it may have a light that turns on to indicate that. It may even beep when the temperature is right.

Most times, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to preheat the oven. But it depends on your set temperature. The higher your set temperature, the longer the time it takes. 

For older ovens, you may have to wait longer for them to heat up to the right temperature. However, it’ll be best to invest in an oven thermometer. It’s an excellent way to ensure the accuracy of the temperature dial. So you won’t have to wait for the beep or light.

Once you’re done preheating your oven, place your food in it. 

Place dishes like lasagnas that need to be crispy and brown on top, on the top rack. Cakes and cookies should be on the middle rack (unless the recipe states otherwise). And then pizza, which needs to have a crispy brown bottom, should be on the lower shelf.

Now, please don’t open it halfway into the required baking time. It’ll let heat escape, and your dish may take a longer time to bake.

When you place several dishes or use more than one rack, make sure you space out the pans. That will aid the circulation of hot air in the oven.

You can put together the ingredients for your recipe during the preheating time. That way, you won’t have to wait for the oven.

Gas Oven: 

Like the electric oven, before you preheat your gas oven, ensure you remove whatever you stored in it. And then arrange the racks in the proper position according to your recipe or dish. Make sure they are sitting on the oven wall ledges. 

Remove the racks you won’t use. 

Next, ignite your oven. If your oven ignites electrically, you have to turn it on and set the right temperature before noticing flames. However, if it uses pilot ignition, it will burn continuously. But its size will increase or reduce based on the temperature.

Additionally, you may need to ignite the pilot light each time you want to use the oven. But ensure you turn the temperature dial off before you do so. Then, light the pilot hole with a match. In case the light doesn’t come on, turn up the dial a bit.

Now, set the temperature. Press the dial slightly and turn it to the correct temperature mark. Some gas ovens use Fahrenheit or Celsius to indicate temperature. Others use gas marks. 

For ovens that use gas marks, use an online conversion tool to convert each temperature mark.

For digital ovens, all you need to do is press the button “bake” or “broil.” Next, set the temperature using the up and down arrows until you get the right one. Then press “start,” and your oven will start preheating.

The screen will indicate the current temperature. And it will continuously change till it gets to the set temperature.

After preheating the oven, place the dish inside. Then, put the pan on the rack position that the recipe requires.

It’s important to note that gas ovens preheat faster than electric ones. So, it may take about 5 to 10 minutes to reach the set temperature. 

If you intend to put many dishes in the oven, it’s best to space them. Don’t place many pans on the lower rack to allow hot air to circulate to the food on the top shelf. And avoid opening the oven door, so hot air won’t escape unless the recipe states otherwise.

Ensure there’s proper ventilation when using your gas oven. 

In case of a gas leak while baking, turn off the oven. Open up all the windows and leave the house immediately. It’s safer not to use a phone while in the place. Instead, use a neighbor’s cell phone to contact emergency services.


To preheat your oven to 375, you need to heat it for about 12 to 15 minutes. However, some factors like oven type, room temperature, and voltage can affect the preheat time. In that case, the time may extend to about 20 minutes.

Finally, it’s best to know how to use your oven features. It’ll enable you to learn how to preheat your oven and when it gets to the set temperature.

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