How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll? What You Need To Know About Toilet Papers

How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll

Did you know that over 27,000 trees are used to produce toilet papers, daily? That’s the reality we are in today. Imagine the number of trees wiped off the surface of the earth, yet we complain about climate change not ending soon.

Furthermore, a single tree can produce 100 pounds of toilet paper, with a tissue paper roll weighing approximately 0.5 pounds. Additionally, when you consider the per capita tissue paper use, Americans are the highest globally. 

Toilet paper is one of the top inventions across the globe. And there’s a lot to learn about toilet paper, including the mathematical aspect such as length of toilet paper roll and others. So, read to know more about toilet paper.  

How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll?

The standard length of a paper roll is 0.3 feet or 3.7 inches. However, it’s essential to know that this measurement varies. It depends on the brand and type of tissue paper you’re measuring. 

It would also help to keep in mind that the maxi-sized paper rolls contain more than the standard 1000 sheets count. So, consequently, they’re longer. 

What Does Toilet Paper Roll Weigh?

Expect a tissue paper roll measuring 4.5 by 4.5 to weigh 0.5 pounds or 277 grams. But this isn’t the size of all tissue papers. Some branded tissue papers would weigh more. 

Several factors determine what a tissue paper roll would weigh. Let’s discuss that quickly. 

What Factors Determines What A Tissue Paper Roll Weighs?

So, what determines what a tissue paper roll weighs? Let’s find out. 

The production company & intended use:

Most companies manufacture special toilet papers used in unique settings. An example is the ones used in care homes. You can’t expect toilet paper used in care homes to have more weight than the regular ones people use at home. Tissue paper used in care homes would cost more, weigh more, and be thicker, wider, and longer. 

How many plies the tissue paper roll has:

The number of plies determines what your tissue paper would weigh. And the higher the number of plies, the higher the weight. Tissue paper rolls can boast a 2, 3, 4, or even higher number of plies. 

Base paper used: 

This can also influence your tissue paper roll’s weight. The varied options include virgin pulp, de-inked or mixed pulp. 

Ply bond type used:

This also influences the tissue paper roll’s overall weight. You’ll find tissue paper rolls with mechanical emboss and the ones with glued emboss ingredients. 

 A Pro Tip:  A two-ply tissue paper would have 500 sheets, while a single-ply would have 1000 sheets. However, there could be a slight variation since most brands have started using plus and minus sizing. So, it all depends on the brand of tissue paper in question.

How Long Will A Two-Ply Tissue Paper Roll Last?

Let’s assume the two-ply tissue paper roll we are talking about contains 500 sheets.  

Now, how many toilet sheets do people use per toilet visit? Well, this varies based on gender and the individual’s condition. 

However, a reasonable number of sheets used per toilet visit would be 8 to 20 sheets. This amounts to roughly 60 sheets per day. 

Our calculation would be; Number of toilet paper sheets per roll for two-ply (500) divided by the daily usage (60).

500/60 = approximately 8 days. This would automatically be a week and a day. 

Please note that in this formula, we assumed that everything else is stable. That is, you’re visiting the toilet thrice daily and using the same number of sheets per visit (20 sheets), and tissue paper are two-ply.  

Things That Determines Your Toilet Paper Roll Duration 

Several things determine how long your tissue paper roll would last. Let’s look at them one after the other. 

Your gender: 

Between both genders (male and female), who do you think uses more toilet paper? Well, you guessed right. 

A report shows that the female gender does. They use toilet paper for other things beyond the washroom. Sometimes, men don’t even use tissue paper unless it’s available. Most ladies also carry tissue papers in their bags.   

The number of persons using it: 

The number of people living in your home would determine how long each toilet paper roll would last. Tissue paper used by one person would last longer than when five people use it. 

Let’s consider the calculations we gave above. If one person uses 20 sheets per visit to the toilet, 5 persons would need 100 sheets per visit. If they make use of the bathroom 3 times daily, then 300 sheets would be gone. 

A two-ply tissue paper (500 sheets) would only last for approximately 2 days with the above details.  

Size of the tissue paper: 

Tissue papers come in varied sizes. These include normal, large-size, mega, super mega tissue papers and the maxi. The maxi is the biggest of them all. And thus, it would last longer, except your household decides to be careless and use the tissue paper wastefully. 

The ply:  Here comes a very crucial factor. It refers to the number of layers the tissue paper roll has. A single-ply comprises one layer, and it’s tinier. This implies that you would need more sheets for cleanup.

You may have to fold multiple sheets together to avoid messing yourself up. 

What Toilet Paper Is Composed of

Toilet papers are produced from virgin or new pieces of papers. They comprise 30 percent softwood and 70 percent hardwood. Examples of softwood are Douglas firs and Southern pines. What makes this wood excellent for tissue paper production are their long fibers, which wrap around each other to improve paper’s strength. 

The hardwood used in making tissue paper consists of maple, oak, and gum. And these woods boast shorter fiber. As a result, they form soft pieces. 

Other constituents of toilet papers:

  • Water
  • Bleaches
  • Chemicals used in breaking the trees down into soluble fiber the company can use. 

However, companies that make tissue papers from recycled products use varied materials. Most of them use ozone, sodium peroxide, oxygen, or sodium hydroxide to whiten the paper. 

Tips For Your Homemade Toilet Paper   

Can you make tissue paper at home? Yes. That’s the first thing you need to know. Now, the next step is how to go about it.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught people a big lesson that no DIY knowledge is a waste. This tip would be helpful for those who experienced the toilet paper shortage and couldn’t go out to buy some. 

You’ll find several anecdotal reports that have highlighted how to make toilet papers at home. And even though there is no clinical trial supporting these reports, you can learn the tips for knowledge’s sake. Here’s how to make your tissue paper. 

Step#1: Source for papers:

Start gathering papers around your house. These include newsprint or non-glossy magazine sheets, print papers. Now, crush the papers together. 

After crushing the papers, get a bucket of water (filled to the brim), and throw them in. Leave the papers to soak in the water for 10 or 15 minutes before moving to the next stage. 

Please note that soaking won’t only help to soften the papers. It will also help to get rid of ink on the papers. 

Step#2: Simmer your soaked paper:

It’s time to start simmering the paper. Now remove the paper gently from the bucket and into a clean pot filled with water. Now, add grasses and leaves to make them more compact. 

What’s the simmering time? 45 minutes to 1 hour. Then increase the heat so the water would boil for approximately 30 minutes. You’ll see the heated paper become pulp before you know it. 

Step#3: Keep the pulp moist:

Now, put the pot containing pulp aside so the water can cool down. Once it does, take off the pulp. Next is to ensure it doesn’t dry out. In this case, you can use some personal care products. These include aloe, fragrance-free lotion, or baby oil. Any of them can do the job. 

A few drops of witch hazel, an astringent, can also get the job. Add a couple of spoons and mix in the pulp. 

Step#4: Spread out your pulp:

The fourth step is to spread the pulp out on a piece of a clean towel. Ensure the pulp is spread out properly to form a thin, even layer. Now, put another neat towel on top of the pulp and place a heavy object on top. 

By doing so, you’re letting the pulp dry out quickly, which is excellent for your toilet paper. Let the pulp remain between both towels for some hours. Only remove them if you’re satisfied with the dryness. 

Next, remove the towel on top and place the pulp under the sun to dry out. Ensure rain doesn’t fall on the pulp the entire time it’s out there in the field. 

Step#5: Start using your homemade tissue paper: 

Once the paper dries properly, peel it and cut the portion you think would be enough for you. Keep the rest in a neat container or plastic bag for later use.   

Top Toilet Paper Alternatives You Can Try Out

We can help to reduce the impact of global warming by using toilet paper alternatives. That way, companies can start seeking alternative materials to make tissue paper. Why? That’s because the consumers have spoken and taken drastic action. 

So, whether you’re facing tissue paper shortage or want to reduce your use of tissue papers, you can use these alternatives.   

  • Bidet
  • Sponges
  • Napkins
  • Baby wipes
  • Reusable cloth
  • Sanitary pads
  • Washcloths
  • Towels


How long is a toilet paper roll? We not only answered this question but provided a means to help you determine how long your toilet papers should be serving you. 

In addition, we shared what toilet papers are composed of, including more on factors that determine how long toilet paper would last in your home. You can follow the tips to choose your toilet paper duration, including making homemade toilet paper if there’s a scarcity. Read on. 


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