Do You Tip Ashley Furniture Delivery Guys: All You Need To Know

Do You Tip Ashley Furniture Delivery Guys

Ashley Furniture Industries is fully American. It manufactures and sells furniture in all parts of the world.

Its manufacturing and distribution centers are in Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Vietnam, to mention a few.

The furniture house is popular for their greatly priced furniture. Plus, they have several product varieties. This includes mattresses, home décor, indoor furniture and many more.

In terms of material quality, you can find some great bargains with Ashley bargains. In addition, Ashley Furniture does have a great delivery team.

It works tirelessly to ensure everything you shop reaches you safely and on time. Many have been asking whether it is right or wrong to tip the Ashley delivery guys. Here is what you need to know.

Do You Tip Ashley Furniture Delivery Guys

Tipping an Ashley delivery guy is not compulsory. However, it’s customary to tip the delivery guys as a way of thanking them for the good job they have done.

Tipping is perfect in the case of a demanding or difficult job like furniture delivery. The delivery guy goes beyond and above to provide great service by ensuring the furniture reaches you quickly and safely.

Additional Information

The Ashley Furniture delivery guys work extra hard. If you can readily tip the Pizza delivery guy, you should also consider the furniture delivery guys.

However, the tip amount is up to you. You can always offer them any amount. Here is a guide that will help you tip the furniture delivery professionals’.

Plus, it’ll save you from the struggles of thinking about the right amount.

The Right Tip Amount For Furniture Delivery Professionals’

The best amount of tip for normal-sized furniture delivery is $5. For large items like sofa sets and many others, you can tip $10.

For large furniture plus other exceptional services such as installation, climbing stairs with items etc., you can give a tip of $20.

How Long Does Ashley Furniture Take To Deliver

Ashley Furniture is one of the most popular furniture houses in the United States and the world. There are other big names in the furniture industry like Lazy boy, Big Lots and many more.

The retailers do have varying standards for delivery and shipping. Some do use third-party delivery, while others have in-house delivery.

The famous Ashley Furniture relies on UPS for both standard and small items shipping. The deliveries of large items that need Ashley’s In-Home delivery are quite complicated.

The delivery date is always scheduled after two days of purchase. But this depends on your closeness to Ashley Home Store.

The delivery of the order can be directly made by the store or through the Ashcomm shipping service. On average, Ashley Furniture delivery takes between five to ten business days.

In some regions the one to two shipping is available. This is only limited to certain items. You should note that the one to two-day shipping is not valid during the weekends.

Plus, it may change depending on various things like the inventory, weather and other things. Fast delivery on large items is not yet available in Ashley Furniture.

How fast you receive the large item depends on the amount of stock in your area. The delivery service that Ashley uses will also determine the time of delivery.

Does Ashley Have Free Delivery

The Ashley Furniture Company offers free shipping on certain items. Always stay put of the various deals on their page. It has new great deals on recent furniture models with free coupons, shipping, and price cuts.

Before purchasing any item, check if it has the “free delivery” mark. You can also confirm with the store associate before completing the purchase.

If you make the purchase online and the item is not free, the delivery cost automatically adds before you check out.

The shipping and delivery fee depends on the distance between your home and the nearest distribution center or store.

Ashely Furniture Premium Delivery

The Ashley Furniture premium delivery is a great one. It does offer a complete delivery plus assembly option. This makes the furnishing of a room to be hustle-free.

In premium delivery, the company schedules four hours delivery window. The team of movers does all the work.

They unload the item, unpack, assemble it, and arrange the room the exact way you want it. The team also disposes of the wrapping and boxes for free.

The delivery fee for premium delivery varies according to the market. You can confirm the price of the service in your area once the items are in your cart.

How Will Your Item Be Delivered

In delivery, The standard shipping method is for small and light items. The shipment of such items is through mail or courier like FedEx, UPS and USPS. The weight and size of the item determine the type of delivery method.

The company will send you a notification message when the item ships. Some items do need assembly.

The shipping options are highlighted in the shopping cart. You can, however, select the one and two-day shipping options.

For the one-day shipping, you will pick your item within one business day of shipment. The two-day delivery is after two business days of shipping.

The in-home delivery is for large items. The delivery of large items can be done in two ways. You can use an independently owned company that Ashely Home Store operates.

Can You Pick Items From Ashley Furniture

The best and fastest way to move furniture from Ashley Furniture is by using Bungii. Bungii is the best available company that can guarantee you both same-day and next-day delivery.

It does the delivery of big and bulky items perfectly. Getting the Bungii services is not tricky. All you need is a Bungii app.

You can get it from PlayStore. From the app, you can schedule a driver to deliver your items. It’s faster than all the other delivery services available.

The driver will surely help you load the item in the truck and deliver it to your desired address. It’s certainly the fastest and most reliable way to get the bulky and large item home on the same day.

Warehouse Pickup

This pickup is only valid at participating locations and With this method, you pick the item from the warehouse.

When you select to pick the item from the warehouse, the Ashley Furniture personnel will help you load it in your truck or car. It’s upon you, the customer, to ensure that the product is well loaded and secure.

You should keenly inspect the product before loading it. It’s because the company will not be liable for any damages.

After a successful inspection, you are needed to sign a receipt. This means that you have confirmed that the product is in good condition.

Suppose the product is not available when you make the purchase. You will get a notification from the company, and it will also inform you when it’s available and ready for pick up. The pickup hours vary according to location.

If you purchase the item from, you have only 72 hours to report the defective item.

You can do this by simply calling the phone number on your order receipt in your email. Ashley furniture will reschedule a repair date for your furniture or item.

How To Place An Order  

With the Ashley home, you can shop within 24 hours a day. That’s seven days a week. After the confirmation of the order and when it ships, you will receive a notification.

After placing the order, you need to make changes and call customer care. Ashley Furniture accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard and many more. Ashley Furniture only accepts one credit card at a time.

It’s because their system can only process an order on two different cards. The Ashley Furniture gift card is not in use right now.

But Ashley is in the process of adding the use of gift cards. You can sign up for their emails to be receiving updates about the debut of gift cards.

The processing of the gift cards happens in two steps. The credit card is authorized at checkout. The full amount plus the taxes are deducted.

The Tax

Any product sold by Ashley Furniture is subject to sales tax. The different states have their tax rates for delivery and shipping.

Calculation of the sale tax is done during the purchase time. The tax amount depends on the total item’s selling price. All this depends on the different state laws. It includes the processing and shipping charges.


In tipping, there are no hard and fast rules. Tipping the furniture delivery guy depends on you. The decision is always for the customer to make.

The delivery people are always grateful for any amount. It’s because they do not expect a tip from the customers.

But in case you did not include the tip amount in your budget. Do not worry; you will still get good services like any other customer.

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