Do Bitters Need To Be Refrigerated?- Storage Requirements

Do Bitters Need To Be Refrigerated

Do bitters need to be refrigerated? Different drinks have different storage requirements. Some drinks are carbonated enough not to require special storage. Others are time bound and need special attention.

Bitters are alcohol flavored. The drinks get used in cocktails and, in some cases, to induce an appetite. 

Many people aren’t quite aware of how to store bitters once they open them. The article answers all your storage questions.

Bitters consist of a potent spirit infused with natural spices like tree barks, leaves, seeds, etc. But, how do you store the additive once you open the bottle and,

Do Bitters Need to Be Refrigerated?

Bitters do not need to be refrigerated. The beverage has a high alcohol concentration. The alcohol acts as a natural preservative, keeping the liquid fresh at room temperature. 

People refrigerate bitters as a precaution because it contains some natural ingredients. It is, however, not a requirement, and you can store it on your shelf once you open the bottle.

What Are The Common Types Of Bitters?

There are several types of bitters. The base ingredient is alcohol, and the spices, herbs, and extracts give them unique tastes. Bitters flavor cocktails and get commonly used in mixology.

Angostura Bitters

It is a common bitter that is easily recognizable thanks to its iconic packaging. The drink gets manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago at the House of Angostura.

The bitter contains many ingredients but the ones that permeate when you taste the extract is cinnamon. The actual ingredients are part of a secret recipe that isn’t available to the public.

Angostura bitters are famous globally for their spicy and bitter taste. It is a signature in many popular cocktails.

Orange Bitters

Orange bitters are common in many cocktails. The drink contains orange zest from thin peel strands. Other variations use lemons or lime, but oranges are the primary ingredient.

The citrus flavor adds extra punch to any cocktail. Other additives might include cinnamon and caraway, depending on the brand.

Orange bitters get used in several drinks and are particularly popular in Martinis.

Peychaud’s Bitters

It is on the mild side of bitter flavors. The concoction has been in use since the early nineteenth century. 

The bitter contains anise, cherries, cinnamon, cloves, and herbs. The taste is more tolerable compared to other bitter flavors.

What Is The Standard Bitter Alcohol Percentage?

Bitters contain a high alcohol percentage. It is why they get used as a flavoring rather than actual drinks. The alcohol percentage can get as high as 45% for string bitters and at least 35% for the mild variety.


Do bitters need to be refrigerated? Bitters contain a high alcohol percentage. Alcohol is a natural preservative since bacteria can’t survive on the liquid. 

It, therefore, does not need extra refrigeration. Bitters have some medical applications beyond flavoring cocktails. They get used as an appetizer in some cases.

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