Can You Turn Off Self Cleaning Oven Early?

Can You Turn Off Self Cleaning Oven Early

Baking and cooking are fun activities to do and great stress relievers. Some even take baking as hobbies. 

Well, everything always seems enjoyable until it’s time to clean up the mess! Don’t give up just yet.

Advancement in technology has allowed some brands to incorporate the self-cleaning feature that helps you to automatically clean your oven, saving you from the hassle that comes with it. 

No more endless scrubbing! All newer models of gas ranges and electric ovens have the self-cleaning feature.  

There are many reasons why you may need to stop your oven’s self-cleaning feature mid-cycle. A couple of questions asked regarding the operation include; is it safe? Is it even possible? 

Can you turn off self-cleaning early?

Yes, you can cancel the self-cleaning cycle anytime the need to do so arises. Press the cancel’ or ‘clear/off’ to cancel your oven’s self-cleaning cycle. If you are dealing with a unit with a mechanical timer, you can use the ‘stop’ knob to stop the process.

How Self Cleaning Ovens Works

It is recommended to run self-cleaning on ovens once every four to six months to keep your oven in good condition. 

While the self-cleaning time varies depending on the brand and model of your oven, the average time is about three hours. 

An oven can self-clean with; using heat or steam. In high heat systems, the door closes, and the temperature rises to about 900 to 1000 Fahrenheit incinerating any food particles inside the oven. 

In steam systems, a cup of distilled water is poured on the oven floor, and the door is closed. The temperature then rises to about 250 Fahrenheit enough to generate steam to loosen and soften the food particles in the oven.

Procedure To Follow When Turning On Self Cleaning 

So you want to self-clean your oven, and you are stuck, you don’t know where to start from? Follow the below step.

Side note: Before starting the cycle, ensure that your house is well ventilated. Open all the windows. The process is likely to produce a lot of smoke and odour. Proper management of these fumes is essential. It is also important to note that the self-cleaning feature poses no threat to kids and pets like cats and dogs. 

  1. Prepare the oven by removing racks, foils, etc., basically anything not rated self-cleanable.
  2. Lock the oven door. Many brands design their doors to instinctually close before the cycle starts for safety purposes. But it is essential to confirm this physically.
  3. Start the cycle by hitting the start button. Let your oven do the magic.
  4. After the cycle, give the oven 30 to 90 minutes to cool down.
  5. Then wipe down the oven using a damp cloth.


The self-cleaning feature in ovens is quite helpful. It helps you save the time and fuss that comes with manual cleaning. As stated above, there is no harm in canceling the self-cleaning cycle mid-cycle. But only do so when you have to.


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